Celebrate ArtStation Day!

On October 26 2016, Gilberto Magno shared a link to his ArtStation page, inviting artists to comment and do the same.  His post created a ripple effect with thousands of artists around the world posting across social media. Since then, October 26 has officially become ArtStation Day.

ArtStation Day has become a day to keep your portfolio fresh, up to date, and at its best. For many busy artists, it’s a great time to update your profile and use new features on ArtStation such as selling on your store, setting up a portfolio website, blogging and more. It’s also a great opportunity to get your work out there and discover other amazing artists in the community!


How to Participate in ArtStation Day

  1. Make sure your portfolio, store and profile are up to date.
  2. Share a link to your page on social media with #ArtStationDay


Supporting Your Favorite Artists

This year, we’re including a free limited-edition ArtStation face mask in all ArtStation Prints orders purchased on ArtStation Day (October 26). If you come across a new artist’s work you love, what better time to get it as a print?



Join us for a day of discovery and celebration. Thank you all for helping us make ArtStation what it is today. Without the support of this incredible community, we couldn’t do what we do. Today, we celebrate you.


Happy ArtStation Day!

– The ArtStation Team

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