New Artwork Mediums Released

Today, ArtStation released a new list of mediums, designed to bring added visibility to more diverse kinds of art and give artists the opportunity to share more details on how their work was made. The newly released medium selection is yet another way that you’ll be able to discover different work and be discovered.

When you upload a new project, you’ll still see the popular Digital 2D and Digital 3D categories but will notice the addition of :

  • Animation
  • Real-time
  • Live-Action CG/VFX
  • 3D Printing
  • Mixed Media

Traditional media were broken up to be more specific:

  • Traditional Ink
  • Traditional Dry Media
  • Traditional Paint
  • Traditional Sculpture


Use the homepage filters on the right side of the channels bar to sort by medium and select what you want to see.

When uploading a project, simply hover over each medium in the Categorization section to see more information and examples of the artwork. If you’re unsure if your project is in the correct category, this is a great way to check.

Select relevant mediums and categories to help boost the visibility of your work. It makes it easier for users who are looking for work that meets those criteria to find you.

Go to your Manage Portfolio page now to make it easier for fans and recruiters to discover your artwork!

Manage Portfolio

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