10 Clever Tutorials from the Create Your Destiny Challenge

ArtStation Marketplace’s first challenge “Create Your Destiny” was a huge success, the winners really took the spotlight with their amazing tutorials. While these tutorials might not have placed as winners they certainly impressed the judges.

Pattern Tracing & Outfit Composition in Marvelous Designer

by Andee Antillon

This course is focused on teaching you Marvelous Designer from the very beginning, developing the important skill of creating sewing patterns from scratch for any character. No previous experience required.

The goal is to create a wardrobe made up of basic clothes that you can modify and re-use to make full outfits at the same time you become familiar with the tools and get a lot of tips and tricks in the way.
In each video, we start making a garment and show you how to modify it to make variations. And show you multiple ways you can do the things so you can find your own workflow.

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Character Skin Texturing Course (CSTC)

by Andrés A. Martinez Romero

Are you struggling to create realistic skin textures for your human character models? You don’t know how to paint colored skin? Then this is the course for you. This course is geared for both beginners and intermediates at Substance Painter, it’s available in English and Spanish.

Topics covered:

  • How to import the meshes and project set up.
  • Baking Process.
  • How to fix baking artifacts.
  • White skin famale head texturing.
  • Black skin male head texturing.
  • Roughness map creation.
  • Subsurface Scattering map creation.
  • Quick render (mainly with guide).
  • How to export textures.
  • Limb texturing (white and black skin).
  • Torso texturing (white and black skin).

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Offworlder Sculpting and Texturing in 3D Coat for Blender Eevee

by Anton Tenitsky

Explore a new pipeline of 3D Coat and Blender that could fit very well in certain productions and cover many needs at a fraction of the commonly used software costs. The whole course is structured that every video about a certain point that is in the name of the file. It makes it convenient to navigate and study. All videos are short between 2-5 minutes for easy watching and the best learning experience.

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Skull Axe Game Asset Tutorial

by Kristopher “carlobarley” Vita

Making a weapon asset is one of the great ways to learn the full game asset pipeline. Because of the subject matter, there is hard surface modeling involved, organic sculpting, multiple smoothing groups, and material difference. The skill level required is intermediate while still accessible to many.

This tutorial is targeted towards people who have a basic-intermediate knowledge of Maya or similar modeling package, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Marmoset Toolbag.

Concept used with permission from Duy Nguyen https://www.artstation.com/lionkid158

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3D Figures in Photoshop for Illustrators, Concept Artists Storyboard and Comic Artists

by Torben Weit

In this course you will learn how to build your own character, how to rig it, how to animate it, and how to get it into Photoshop. And the best thing about it: YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT 3D!

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Tutorial: Handpainted Steampunk Coffee Stand

by Kristofer Lalinde

In this tutorial, you will see the process of making a stylized, handpainted, steampunk coffee stand asset from scratch through a series of commented time-lapsed videos.

You will see how I start a model from scratch, separate it into modular pieces, use trim sheets, sculpt a high poly model in Zbrush, bake it, make a smart material in painter for a stylized look in almost 1 click, make a custom filter for substance painter using designer to generate random brushstrokes for a handpainted look, assemble it together in Marmoset and publish it using Sketchfab.

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by Riccardo Massironi

Are you a comic or storyboard artist, maybe an illustrator with a passion for graphic novels? This course might be what you are looking for! Either if you are a beginner or an industry expert this video will help you speed up your process and get a quick result.

This tutorial covers, in approximately 1 hour, how to draw a complex perspective efficiently by using 3d and photoshop, how to deal with a complex scene, and remain creative during the process. You will learn the basics of how to use SketchUp, deal with camera, perspective, and how to experiment with style and shadows. We will take advantage of the 3dwarehouse to quickly create our scene and deal with light and effects.

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Vintage Hollywood Stage Light – Blender to Unreal

by Andrew Weir

This intermediate tutorial contains a fully filmed breakdown of a High to Low poly workflow for a high detail game asset. The key focus of the series being Modeling and preparing the mesh for baking and Unreal Engine. Some basic knowledge of the software would be ideal to fully understand the process of creating this asset.

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Easy Character creation Tutorial

by Turtle LAB

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a portfolio piece from scratch. This tutorial focus on the most efficient and fun way to create a character in 2020 for portfolio purpose. Fast concept and modeling in Zbrush, fun texture creation in Painter and easy rendering solution in real-time !!

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Creating an Open World Map in UE4 | World Composition

by Kem Yaralioglu

In this tutorial, Kem covers the fundamental aspects of setting up a massive open world with UE4 using World Composition. He tests everything on a 16km² landscape but the techniques showcased can be used for a 256km² landscape should you wish. Everything you see is procedually placed, only the animals have been manually placed for the cinematic.

World Composition allows for level streaming, in short; loading and unloading levels based on distance from the camera. That coupled with the procedural tools such as Procedural Foliage Volumes and Landscape Grass will allow you to populate an entire open world very quickly. It also allows teams to work on the same level without running into conflicts with locked files.

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