ArtStation Marketplace Challenge: Create Your Destiny Winners

Here at ArtStation we were excited to host the first challenge of this kind. The Create Your Destiny Challenge was designed to flood the ArtStation Marketplace with a wealth of knowledge. It was amazing to see the hard work that went into the tutorials created for the challenge.

We’re pleased to announce the winners and honorable mentions for the Create Your Destiny Challenge as judged by Alex Beddows, Jonas Ronnegard, Kieran Goodson and Jeremy Estrellado.

We would also like to thank the Create Your Destiny Challenge sponsors Adobe, Substance, Marmoset, Z-Brush, and Imagine FX/3D World for their amazing prizes.

Without further ado, here are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners along with the two Honourable Mentions.

1st Place Create Your Destiny Challenge: Didier Nguyen

In this tutorial, Didier shows you a tool that immensely speeds up his worflow for Stylized Projects. The 25-minute video covers:

  • Why, How and When to use Photoshop’s Cutout Filter
  • Full Process with English Narration
  • Rendering Visual Effects with the Cutout Filter
  • Bunch of tips, tricks & techniques (multiple short live demos)

Check it out > 

Didier will receive the following prizes for his first prize-winning submission:

  • $2,000 USD in cash
  • 3-month ArtStation ad campaign ($3,450 value)
    • 3-month banner ad campaign on, 3 social media posts, 3 ArtStation newsletter features
  • 1 Year Subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud
  • 1 Year Subscription to Substance
  • $200 Marmoset Store Credit
  • Z-Brush Core perpetual license
  • 1-year ArtStation Pro Subscription
  • 1-year subscription to your choice of ImagineFX or 3D World eMagazine

2nd Place Create Your Destiny Challenge: Jonas Roscinas

In this tutorial, Jonas walks through the creation of mech/robot character within Z-Brush! The overall process took around 4 days, and the video was edited down to 6 hours of fully-voiced footage. The tutorial is separated into sections that cover the initial blockout, refining, cleaning up, detailing, matID, and render stages. This tutorial is aimed at someone who already has a basic understanding of Z-Brush, but there is an extra video that goes over and explains some tools and brushes in real-time.
Check it out >

Jonas will receive the following prizes for his second prize-winning submission:

3rd Place Create Your Destiny Challenge: Jose Vega

Jose been working in the animation industry for the last 3 years as a Lead Background Designer and in this tutorial, he shows his whole process used in the industry pipeline. The tutorial will go through the very beginnings from sketching, gathering reference, to using 3D and making our final background painting. Check it out >

Jose will receive the following prizes for his third prize-winning submission:

Honorable Mention Create Your Destiny Challenge: Florian Coudray

Florian Coudray is a freelance concept artist and tutor who uses this tutorial to share his process, and techniques to speed up your work. The 48-minute video covers design principles, rendering techniques, and multiple tips, tricks & shortcuts. Check it out >

Honorable Mention Create Your Destiny Challenge: Kristi C

Starting from the concept sketch, Kristi walks you through a typical figurine project, from concept art to 3D printed test prototype. This is a very beginner-friendly course. Kristi covers a number of cross-discipline techniques, that, even if you are fairly new to Z-Brush, you should be able to follow along. Check it out >


Florian and Kristi will both receive the following prizes for their honorable mention submissions:


Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge!

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