Wacom Presents: 8 Quick Tips to Keep You Creatively Limber

WACOM PRESENTS – A Work From Home Series

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Dr. Bryan Lang of Whole Body Health Physical Therapy received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy with distinction at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. He recently received his Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) certification, demonstrating excellence in research-based diagnostics and treatment. In 2013, he was the sole recipient of the Pacific University Outstanding Service to the School of Physical Therapy Award for his involvement in community programs designed to provide services to citizens in need of healthcare.


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Wacom consulted with Dr. Bryan Lang and asked him whether he could devise some exercises that could be beneficial to the creative audiences especially as we are all transitioning to working environments that are different from our regular ones (anyone else working at their kitchen tables during the shelter-at-home time?)

Dr. Lang immediately produced this series of short videos that won’t take more than a few minutes, and can have a powerful beneficial impact on your personal health and comfort. “I think that physical therapy (and I know I’m biased) is one of the most underutilized health providers with some of the best tools to help people with their musculoskeletal aches and pains. If physical therapy as a profession can have more opportunities to share our knowledge with people all around the world, we can create some serious change for a lot of people.”

Hand Exercises

Hand Massage

Forearm Massage

Forearm Stretches

Exercises to Reduce Neck Pain

Exercises to Help Reduce Eye Strain

Exercises for the Mid Back

Taping for Thumb Pain

About Whole Body Health Physical Therapy

Whole Body Health Physical Therapy practitioners are experts on musculoskeletal health whose mission is to provoke change within health, industry and the community. Their foundation is to connect with clients and healthcare providers in order to develop a healthcare community that addresses each person as a whole; and to create a life-time bond between clients, their families, and the clinician.

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