7 Essential Anatomy References

Time to start your new project, whether it be getting in touch with traditional art through figure drawing or building a stellar 3D character. You’ll find something here to get you started.

Little Caprice, 489 Female Full Figure Photo References

by Adam Winters
This product offers high-quality photo source images for drawing and resources for artists.

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Female Ecorche – Anatomy Figure

by Nikolaos Kaltsogiannis
Realistic, high detailed, and anatomically correct musculature of the female figure. The Sculpt includes all muscles and their origins and insertions. They are named correctly and in folders. The Sculpt is perfect for artists that study anatomy.

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Figure Drawing: Vanessa – Reference Pictures for Creators

by Noah Bradley
This reference pack has 511 photos, in various poses of Vanessa. Great for figure drawing and pose references.

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Anatomy Female Tool Reference for Artists!

Anatomy Female Tool Reference is a complete tool for digital artists. It contains the Zbrush file with one sub-tool and 4 layers polypainted! Not just a great reference but it’s also a good start to create your own character.

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Art Model Poses – Anthony

by Stan Prokopenko
Male art model poses for artists to practice drawing or painting. Great for practicing anatomy, structure, foreshortening, tone and proportions. Includes 377 Photos

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Anatomy base Mesh with Subdivisión – Male

by Matías Miloro
Male Anatomy base Mesh with Subdivisión ZPR. Has subdivision levels, playgroups, and some hairs and beards sketches for a quick preview.

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Canine Anatomy Model

by Jess O’Neill
Created for production or personal use, this canine anatomy model can be used either for studying animal anatomy or for muscle simulations! This model can be used most effectively as a learning resource.

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