10 Must-Have Portrait Tutorials

Get acquainted with a new skillset: portraits! These artists may have different styles but they’re all talented at creating portraits and they all have valuable tutorials for you!

Portrait Painting in Photoshop Video Tutorial

by Yaşar VURDEM

In this 47 minute tutorial, you will learn how to paint realistic speed painting portraits. You will get the full-length video with voice-over descriptions along with 15 portrait brushes

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Portrait Painting – Full video process + Brushes

by Le Vuong

This tutorial covers digital portrait painting in Photoshop. Along with the 166-minute video, you also get the brushes.

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CGT #1: Two Hour Speed Portrait Painting

by Alex Chow

This is Coffee Grind Tutorials‘ (CGT) first release, where Alex paints a two-hour portrait (of character Edelgard from Fire Emblem), leading watchers through a commentated video process. This inaugural package is helpful for those looking to get started with digitally painting fast as well as helpful tips for those more experienced looking to get some ideas on how Alex approaches his work.

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Female Portraits

by Anthony Jones

Female Portraits tutorial is about 35 minutes long and covers how to go about painting a female face with a bit more confidence. Topics that are covered will include: the difficulties of softness, believable features and light make up, adding some flavor and mix up the hair.

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Stylized portrait: PSD + hirez files

by Joi Rudin

This tutorial consists .jpeg high resolution files, initial sketches included within the .psd layers, initial sketches included within the .psd layers.

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Portrait composition_ENG/RUS

by Svetlana Tigai

In this tutorial, Svetlana will show you how her creative process usually goes. She will draw a princess with beautiful hair and dress. Svetlana will cover the topics of face, hair, dress and portrait composition in general.

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Oil Painting – Learn the Zorn Limited Color Palette

by Art of Walt Reunamo

Improve your portrait oil paintings with this limited color palette used by professional painters all around the world.
Do you struggle on painting portraits that have realistic skin tones and colors that famous artists are able to paint? Join artist and instructor Waltteri Reunamo for an inspiring 45-minute-class on learning how to use the world-famous Zorn limited color palette for your painting and sketching.

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Traditional media drawing master class (50% OFF)

by Grafit Studio

Amazingly talented artist Ivan Loginov created this stunning portrait of a man within 3 hours,  at the master-class at Grafit Studio. He used traditional materials, and in the video you can see the whole creation process, with some text explanations.

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Portrait Full Video Process

by Steven Stahlberg

Time-lapsed, narrated video of the process,from start to finish. Learn how to paint skin and how to organize your layers logically into the minimum needed for maximum speed and efficiency in a concept studio pipeline. From sketch to finished image, roughly 20 minutes (sped up about 10 times on average, some repetitive tasks omitted.

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Portrait Painting Guide

by Antony Ward

An in-depth guide sharing Antony’s process for creating a stylized portrait in Photoshop. Although the painting is stylized you can easily adapt the techniques to any other style of painting and in any other application.

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