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Meet these 3 bright minds of the CG industry with extensive and diverse experience, but one focus: teaching their craft and sharing their tricks and experience through some of the best online courses around all available on the CGCircuit platform.

Nico Sanghrajka

Nico Sanghrajka’s experience is impressive. He has worked as Rigging Supervisor for movies like Deadpool, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale and the upcoming Predator movie as well as on animated films Madagascar and the Academy Award winning The Jungle Book. Now, he specializes in Facial Rigging.

His passion for this topic goes beyond making movies – he also likes to teach his skills and share his experience with other people.

In his online Face Rigging class, students get to learn his tricks and learn from his extensive experience. Students learn the main concepts from well produced pre-recorded videos, and practice what they learn by doing weekly assignments. They meet once a week with Nico via a live video webinar to ask questions.

Geordie Martinez

Geordie Martinez currently holds the tile of Crowd Supervisor at ILM. His name is credited in movies like Thor:Ragnarok, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Pacific RimHaving used Python extensively throughout his career, he now has a very broad and deep knowledge of the programming language.

 Having spent many years in the ILM’s training department, Geordie has also developed a knack for teaching others. His class Intro to Python for Tech Artists is a perfect way for people to start learning a programming language. This can be helpful even for those who are less tech oriented. 

During the weekly live sessions, students have the chance to ask questions and review any material they may have struggled with. 

Carlo Sansonetti

Carlo Sansonetti has worked in pretty much all aspects of CG as a rigger, animator and developer in animated films, documentaries, commercials, feature films, AR & VR projects and short independent films. He currently works as Senior Technical Artist at Blizzard Cinematics and develops and maintains the CGCircuit platform, of which he is the founder.

His workshop Character Rigging Production Techniques teaches students how to rig a biped character from scratch. The way Carlo explains the concepts is different from  other training you will find elsewhere. Many of  his students who dedicate time to properly follow the workshop find jobs as riggers sometimes even before finishing the course.

In addition to a question period, Carlo also likes to explain and demonstrate other related rigging topics during the weekly webinar.

These 3 individuals are super excited to share their tricks and to help students reach their goals. Learning about rigging and programming is especially difficult, but Carlo, Geordie and Nico are known to be able to explain the most difficult of concepts in ways that are easy to understand.

Check out their classes

 Character Rigging Production Techniques by Carlo Sansonetti

Intro to Python for Tech Artists by Geordie Martinez

Face Rigging with Nico Sanghrajka.

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