Hardsurface Rendering in Redshift with Christophe Desse

On ArtStation Learning, Christophe Desse shares his process for achieving realistic final renders of hard surface assets, using Redshift. The course covers basic resources to get up and running then walks through laying out scene covers materials and textures that result in beautiful, attention-grabbing, presentation pieces.

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Christophe Desse is a Lead Technical Artist at Naughty Dog. His previous experience includes being a Special Effects Artist and Modeler for Advertising, TV, Film, and Games in France, Germany, and Singapore. He started to tinker with 3D software in 1991 and is now experienced with most industry-standard packages. When he is not working on industry defining AAA titles such as Uncharted and The Last of Us, Christophe enjoys spending his free time creating stylized characters and supercharged muscle cars.

“Today, ArtStation has become the worldwide nevralgic online point for computer graphics art where you can access online classes made by artists from all over the world.”

Behind the course: 

The course takes you through the different stages of texturing and rendering a final project. We go through the basics of Substance Painter. Then, we texture the asset and render them in Redshift for Maya. I purposely avoid going into too much of the technical aspect to keep the course easy to follow for all levels of 3D knowledge.

Most memorable learning experience:

My most memorable moment was the day I realized that I should stop trying to learn in a conventional way and embrace the fact that learning is a non-linear experience. I learned software the same way I learned German and English, (the other languages I am fluent in besides French, my mother tongue.) I do not understand everything I’m doing today but then down the line, I experience something and then I’m able to recoup or relate it to something I did another day and suddenly it makes sense.

1 sentence of advice:

This one is short and easy. I still live by it every day:

Work hard and when you are done working hard, go home and work harder. If you think you are on top of your craft, just go to ArtStation and browse the infinite amount of cool stuff and realize there will always be somebody better. Cry a little and keep learning.

What to look forward to in the upcoming Substance Painter course:

I think something that will be very attractive to students is that I’ll be making a bunch of high-quality 3D files available that they can use to follow along in the tutorial or even 3D print them.

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