Lightbox Expo Box of Mystery Award Winners and Honourable Mentions

ArtStation has been excited to partner with Lightbox Expo to launch the first Lightbox challenge! The theme of the Lightbox Expo Challenge was Box of Mystery where we challenged artists to imagine mysterious and fantastic worlds, characters and situations. The response was amazing, with almost 6,000 artists joining the challenge. Entries were submitted in Keyframe Design, Character Design, Environment Design, Prop Design and a new 2D Animation category.


“Wow!! I’m absolutely blown away by the entries for this challenge. I don’t know what must have been harder, to create these amazing entries or to pick a winner… They all look like winners!”
Bobby Chiu, Co-Founder Lightbox Expo


An all-star judging panel took on the difficult task to sort through the very strong entries in all categories. Huge thanks to: Christian Alzmann (Lucasfilm Concept Design Supervisor, ILM), Phillip Boutte Jr. (Freelance Costume Concept Artist), Helen Mingjue Chen (Art Director, Walt Disney Animation), Justin Goby Fields (Director, Sanctum Studios), Stephen Silver (Silver Drawing Academy), Wesley Burt (Visual Development Artist, Marvel Studios) and Joanna Davidovich (Freelance Animation Artist), and our amazing challenge hosts: Suzanne Helmigh, Pablo CarpioGrace Liu, Marina Ortega Lorente and Thibault Leclercq.

The Lightbox Expo: Box of Mystery challenge was supported by a generous lineup of companies offering prizes and promotion. We’d like to thank MSI, Wacom, Procreate, Adobe, KitBash3D and Infinite Painter for their involvement in the challenge. For a full list of prizes, visit the Lightbox Expo: Box of Mystery website.

We’re very pleased to present to you the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each of the categories along with the Honourable Mentions. 40 amazing artists received awards in Lightbox Expo Box of Mystery challenge!

A special Lightbox Expo Challenge microsite has also been created to feature more amazing entries from the challenge.

Box of Mystery: Keyframe Design

1st Place Keyframe Design: Taras Susak

2nd place Keyframe Design: Marby Kwong

3rd Place Keyframe Design: Ngan Pham

Honourable Mention Keyframe Design: Samuel Smith

Honourable Mention Keyframe Design: Bruno Wall

Honourable Mention Keyframe Design: Oliver Ryan

Honourable Mention Keyframe Design: Estevao Chromiec

Honourable Mention Keyframe Design: P Torinno

Box of Mystery: Character Design

1st Place Character Design: Raphaëlle Manière

2nd Place Character Design: Thomas Chamberlain – Keen

3rd Place Character Design: Nicolas Tham

Honourable Mention Character Design: Wu Shenyou

Honourable Mention Character Design: Yi

Honourable Mention Character Design: Mole Wang

Honourable Mention Character Design: Bjorn Hurri

Honourable Mention Character Design: Vanja Todoric

Box of Mystery: Environment Design

1st Place Environment Design: Tiziano Zhou

2nd Place Environment Design: Sebastian Luca

3rd Place Environment Design: Roberto Gatto

Honourable Mention Environment Design: Maksym Harahulin

Honourable Mention Environment Design: Pierre “Zoh” Quéru

Honourable Mention Environment Design: Olga Orlova

Honourable Mention Environment Design: Tiago Sousa

Honourable Mention Environment Design: Karine Villette

Box of Mystery: Prop Design

1st Place Prop Design: Tae Un Ryu

2nd Place Prop Design: Jenny Brozek

3rd Place Prop Design: Alex Gill

Honourable Mention Prop Design: Elodie Mondoloni

Honourable Mention Prop Design: Maeve B

Honourable Mention Prop Design: Hue Teo

Honourable Mention Prop Design: Denis Wipart


Honourable Mention Prop Design: Billy Machin

Box of Mystery: 2D Animation

1st Place 2D Animation: Andrés Goji

2nd Place 2D Animation: Yann Bureau

3rd Place 2D Animation: Lap Pun Cheung

Honourable Mention 2D Animation: Paul Rayment

Honourable Mention 2D Animation: Dominic Stott (Fabled Frame)

Honourable Mention 2D Animation: Cristina Maul

Honourable Mention 2D Animation: Eri Setiyono

Honourable Mention 2D Animation: Liam Manning

You can see all of the entries for the Lightbox Expo Box of Mystery challenge here:

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