Free Brush Pack: Digital Oils

A can’t-live-without brush pack that naturally captures the highly realistic and dynamic variables of painting with oils. Get the brush pack for free now.

This highly functional digital oils brush pack, developed by Hi-Rez Studios senior artist Jon Neimeister, is a powerful addition to your digital essentials. It’s no easy task capturing the natural complexities of an oil brush stroke, but this kit accomplishes just that and more. 

For a limited time, Visual Arts Passage this Digital Oils Brush Pack away as a free download. 

The 5 main brushes each come with 8 different modes, allowing a variety of painterly brush strokes, smoother brushes for rendering, and texture brushes for adding grit. The varying modes enhance the realistic qualities of this kit, perfectly replicating the complexities of real paint.

In addition, Jon provides a helpful guide on the process of using digital oils and effectively applying his brushes to develop convincing results. 

Jon Neimeister is currently a senior artist on SMITE by Hi-Rez studios, and has worked on many iconic IPs such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, Pathfinder, Game of Thrones, Dragon Age, and more.

Download the Brush Pack Here

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