ArtStation Learning & Procreate are Teaming Up

The dawn of a new year comes with a lot of excitement, and here at ArtStation, we’re excited about teaming up with Procreate for some awesome new content on ArtStation Learning. Here’s the deal: 1 year, 12 months, 12 brand new courses from Procreate. ArtStation Learning will be releasing a new course every month so you can hone your Procreate skills.

Make a new year’s resolution you can actually keep: improve your skills on Procreate. With the help of ArtStation Learning and Procreate, you can ring in 2021 a Procreate whiz!

January 10th kicks off the start of Procreate’s year with ArtStation Learning. In this first course, Procreate 5: Getting Started and New Features, Senior Concept Artist and Illustrator Andrew Bosley will walk you through all the features Procreate has to offer. This is an amazing course for anyone just starting out with Procreate but also those who are just looking to pick up new tips and tricks on using the software.

If the name Andrew Bosley sounds familiar, you’re right. He’s already done two courses with ArtStation Learning: Art of Tabletop Games – Illustration and Worldbuilding and Art of Tabletop Games – Concepting and Art Direction. Andrew has 14 years of experience as a professional artist where he’s covered everything from painting greeting cards at Hallmark to concepting characters at Ubisoft. When he’s not making courses for ArtStation Learning, he is freelancing as an illustrator and concept artist, primarily making a name for himself in the Tabletop Game market.

Keep your eye out for more exciting Procreate courses featuring a diverse set of artists with backgrounds in game, film, Magic and more.

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