XP-Pen’s New Affordable Professional Graphics Tablet

XP-Pen is a professional and reliable supplier of graphics tablets, pen display monitors, stylus pens and more digital graphical products. They strive to enable young artists to realize their full digital potential by pushing the limits of tablet technology.

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Deco Pro Professional Series

XP-Pen’s latest tablet ,Deco Pro, features a unique two-wheel interface and combines a mechanical and virtual wheel that enhances operability and increases workflow speed for professional level creation. The aluminum case and curved sheet tablet is as slim as 7mm and supports up to 60 degrees of tilt function, making it both smooth to use and sleek in appearance.

  • 8 responsive shortcut keys
  • Newly designed battery-free stylus
  • 2019 Red Dot Design Award Winner
  • 2018 Good Design Award Winner

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XP-Pen Deco Draw Drawing App

Deco Draw is a free drawing app that is compatible with most XP-Pen drawing tablets and supports connections with Android devices 6.0 and above so you can use your Android devices and XP-Pen tablets to write, draw, and create.

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