Prints Success Story: Alena Aenami

Discovering the online art community was a key moment for freelance artist Alena Aenami‘s professional and creative journey. Plugging into a network of fellow creatives helped her take the artistic interests she’d long had to new heights, including through the development of a successful online business selling her Prints.

Find out more about Alena and her path to becoming one of the most successful ArtStation Prints sellers to date in this interview.

Finding Community

While studying digital art, Alena realized that painting colourful landscapes was her calling. She would spend up to 10 hours a day on her craft. When she started to share this interest online, she found a supportive audience that encouraged her to keep going.

I loved drawing as long as I can remember. I studied art at schools and university, but without the internet there was no clear understanding of what my professional future could be. The new online art community gave me a lot of inspiration, kind words, and understanding of how to share my results on different platforms.

I wanted to learn how to draw just as well as other artists. Many people began to support me, which meant a lot. At some point I had found that my dream to be an artist came true.

Entering the World of Prints Sales

ArtStation became a home base for Alena where she could document her progress and connect with others in her field. When she decided to sell her work as an independent artist, ArtStation Prints was a natural fit.

ArtStation is an amazing platform that brings together a large number of professional artists and art lovers. It’s great that we have everything we need in one place; tutorials, various materials, and Prints. There was nothing to think about—I decided to make ArtStation my main sales platform as soon as possible.

Alena encourages artists still building their presence to “not be afraid” to promote themselves. Instead, she suggests to be consistent in one’s messaging, and make it clear how customers can purchase your work.

It’s important to have Prints linked on various social media platforms, so that more people who are thinking of decorating their home with art can do this and receive positive emotions from buying high-quality prints.

Creating Prints with Memorable Impact

Alena’s radiant sunsets and vibrant landscapes evoke a rich blend of emotions in their viewers—a factor that Alena says is part of what makes them such successful ArtStation Prints.

I think an artwork can become a good print thanks to eye-catching composition and emotions, when you might want to stop and look at the artwork for a while. For me it’s landscapes behind which there is a story, a feeling of melancholy looking at the endless sky, loneliness in a big city—this is a language that is understandable without words.

When asked about where she finds the inspiration for her designs, Alena said that she looks to a variety of influences around her.

Mostly I spend time alone, playing a lot of games, watching films, looking at the work of other authors—I am inspired by many manifestations of art. To find new ideas, sit down and think about what you want to say to the world, then paint something.

Get Started with ArtStation Prints

With ArtStation Prints, you have the option to sell high-quality copies of your work as Art Posters, Art Prints, Canvas Prints, and HD Metal Prints. Simply upload your file, set your markup and you’re ready to start selling. As Alena discovered, we take care of everything: manufacturing, packaging, and delivery to your fans’ doorsteps.

If you’d like to learn more about the process of selling your Prints, visit this page. Or, if you’re ready, get started with Prints selling today:

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