ArtStation Masterclasses 3 Instructor Spotlight: Paul Ozzimo

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Masterclass Instructor and film industry veteran Paul Ozzimo has over 20 years of experience designing props and vehicles with a resume that boasts over 60 movie titles to his credit including Back to the Future 2, The Rocketeer, James Cameron’s Avatar and the Avengers series.

Masterclass: Vehicle Design for Production

Paul’s course will show you how to carry your vehicle design beyond the concept phase and into a production-ready presentation. It’ll focus on the language of surface detailing or ‘cut lines’ and how they compliment your vehicle shape as well as explore different styles of surface detailing and what these styles convey to the viewer.

Tell us about one of your most valuable learning experiences on the job.

I’d say that one of the most valuable learning experiences on the job was that I once worked with a guy that always did the least amount of work required of him to complete the assignment. He would be asked to concept a vehicle or prop and instead of doing 6 rough studies, he spent all his time on one beautiful (but wrong) concept piece. What I learned from that is that for the beginning of an idea, you should do many loose and fast ideation sketches so that you can spend your time making the correct concept beautiful.

Also, once when I was painting details on the Rocketeer Jetpack, I didn’t screw the top back on the black paint tightly enough and it splashed black paint all over it!! So, put the cap back on tightly.

What is one thing that people who follow your course can look forward to or expect to learn? 

The one thing that my course emphasizes is that time is everything. It is important to use your time well. You will see in my class that the more time you have to dedicate to your work, the better it will come out. Also, it is very important to have good image references. I use a program called PureRef during my videos in order to have my references on-hand right when I need them.

What is something you think a lot of people don’t realize about Prop or Vehicle design? 

Sometimes I feel like it is not viewed as important as character or environment design, but that has changed in recent years. All of the Marvel and DC films are heavily vehicle and prop driven, and often times the vehicle designer is quite celebrated in the design and toy world. Props are not easy to design. I have heard stories of actors who have been handed a prop that they will be working with for the next two months and just hating it! “It’s too heavy!” “It hurts my hand!” ” It’s UGLY!”

As far as iconic vehicle designs go, are there any that have inspired you in your career? 

Early on in my career, I was trained in vehicle design by a gentleman named Tim Flattery. Tim was the top vehicle designers at the time with many credits to his name. I was able to help the design and builds on several Batmobile projects so I have a love for all things Bat. I also never miss a chance to go see the real thing. Head over to the local airport and there’s bound to be some piece of aviation history rotting away on the tarmac. A good camera is a very useful tool as well.

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