Pick Up Virtual Production With These 4 Courses

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THU Talks With Industry Pros

These four new additions to the ArtStation Learning video library come from THU TV and cover a unique blend of virtual production topics. Stream the full courses for free today by logging in to your ArtStation account before heading to the ArtStation Learning page.

Thumbnail showing Kevin Baillie and Kristin Turnipseed using virtual production tools in unreal engine

Virtual Production: You Can Do It! With Kevin Baillie and Kristin Turnipseed


Virtual Production Supervisor Kristin Turnipseed and VFX Supervisor Kevin Baillie team up to show you how you can get started with Unreal Engine. Get hands-on inspiration to make your own content!

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Thumbnail showing Sally Slade using an AR filter

From Zero to VTuber in 60 Minutes With Sally Slade


Are there days when you wish you could be an animated character? Using only a cellphone, it’s possible! Sally Slade demonstrates how you can create a custom avatar in under an hour for your short films, branded content, livestreams, and more.

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Thumbnail showing different CG projects

Unreal Expectations: A Journey From Real Life, to Render, to Real-Time Render With Taylor Moll


Discover artist Taylor Moll’s journey from artist navigating the animation industry, to participant in a new movement of real-time technologies.

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The Virtual Handshake: Shaping the Future of Stories Using Virtual Production With Kristin Turnipseed


Virtual production tools and workflows have made a large impact on the way creatives bring stories to the screen. This course covers the essentials of virtual production, reviews how it solves problems for productions big and small, and shows how you can dive into new technologies today.

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