Marketplace Success Story: Maxim Verehin

Maxim Verehin is a Russian concept artist and illustrator best known for his unique horror style art. Having started painting digitally in 2008, he now works freelance for some of the largest companies in games.

No newbie to online selling,  Verehin had already been posting his products on other marketplace websites for years. Still, he describes his recent experience with the ArtStation Marketplace as “unexpected.”

“My first products on ArtStation Marketplace were not even new ones. I uploaded them, did not promote them in any way but still managed to make some dollars. So from now on, it will be one of my main selling bases.”

Artwork for Spellforce 3 Soul Harvest  

Verehin is not the the first one who has faced newfound success from just uploading old products. With the ArtStation Marketplace’s discoverability and reach, sellers can put in a lot less effort and still have  access to a much larger audience.

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The artist shares that he tries to create new tutorials that don’t collide with his freelance work. Usually, the tutorials he creates are based off of what he would already be drawing for himself.  On selling online in general, he says it’s a “bonus” way of making money that’s fun.

“After you post a product, you can forget about it and it will work for you for the rest of your life.”

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