Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program – Last chance to apply for Fall 2019 intake!

Syn Studio is inviting applications for the Fall 2019 intake of its intensive 18 month Concept Art Diploma Program. The General Application Review process is currently underway and the application deadline is February 6, 2019. You can get more information about this elite program and start your application process here.

The Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program provides aspiring concept artists with rigorous training to master concept art fundamentals and learn advanced pipelines and techniques at the forefront of the industry. Syn Studio’s cutting-edge curriculum is designed and constantly updated in consultation with the world’s top educators and concept artists, including Scott Robertson. The classes, workshops, assignments and instructors replicate industry standards enabling students to rapidly develop the skills and professionalism required to become job-ready upon graduation.

   The teachers in the program, in addition to being top art directors, lead and senior concept artists currently working on some of the biggest films and video games currently in production are also expert and sought after instructors with decades of combined teaching experience.

Some of the past and current teachers in the program include industry veterans such as:

Nick OrocPrince of Persia: Warrior Within, Rainbow Six (Lockdown, Vegas, Siege and more), Splinter Cell (Conviction and Blacklist), Assassin’s Creed: Project Legacy, Far Cry Primal and Child of Light

Christian Robert de Massy –  X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse, Snow White and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Mirror Mirror

Daniel KvaszniczaBatman: Arkham Origins, Starcraft, Far Cry, Dishonoured, Elder Scrolls, Diablo, Fallout, Deus Ex and Assassin’s Creed

Brian Sum Mass Effect 2 and 3, Dragon Age Origins, Sonic Chronicles and Shadowrun

The students get a lot of individual attention and expert one-on-one coaching which can be customized to suit their needs and requirements. Such focussed expert coaching helps the students master their fundamentals, rectify their weaknesses and become top notch concept artists.

The students in the program are chosen after a rigorous selection process designed to find the best candidates among the aspiring concept artists from around the world. Over an intense period of 18 months, these selected concept artists will work together, build lifelong connections and bring their unique influences and ideas to the creative process for an unforgettable journey.

Being in such a friendly and competitive yet collaborative environment with like-minded concept artists will give you a sense of belonging and boost your learning speed so you can unlock your full potential and exceed expectations. Coaching from top industry professionals combined with hours of  practice will help you achieve artistic mastery within a short period of 18 months and become a successful concept artist, ready to create high level concept art for any type of entertainment product.

Syn Studio’s recent Concept Art Diploma alumni are working successfully as concept artists for many top companies such as Ubisoft, WB Games, Beenox, Moment Factory, Oasis Animation and more. If you wish to take your first step towards joining these successful group of graduates, see more info here.

How to Register?

The deadline to submit your application for the General Portfolio/Application Review for the 2019 intake is February 6, 2019.

Start your application process >

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