ArtStation Marketplace: Sci-Fi Props & Assets

The ArtStation Marketplace is a resource for artists to buy and sell products. This week, we’re featuring Sci-Fi 3D assets so you can find everything you need to build a fantastic 3D environment.

3D Kitbash Set Vol 1: 45 Sci-Fi Props

by Jonathan Ching

45 Sci-fi props to supplement your artworks and designs. 15 unique Crates, Canisters and Cargo props, split up into parts for easy material application.

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SCI-FI KitBash – Panel Floors

by Jose Londoño

Can be used in any 3D software, included Zbrush (IMM) and Element3D by VideoCopilot.

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Sci-Fi Corridors I for the Unity engine

by Antonis Fassolas

The Sci-Fi Corridors I is a modular environment pack which allows the creation of a big variety of interior Sci-Fi spaces.

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Sci Fi Interior Prop Pack 1

by Rick Knox

Designed to fit perfectly with the Sci-Fi Asset pack 1 to create those classic 70’s and 80’s Science Fiction interiors. Also generic enough to fit most sci fi style environments.

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Sci-Fi Kitbash Set

by Denis Rutkovsky

The set contains various walls, floors, doors, ceilings, pipes etc. that make it possible to create different level types depending on gameplay and visual design needs. There is a prop set as well for set dressing and visual quality improvements that includes assets like lights, barriers, containers, metal frames, crates, barrels etc.

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Military Stronghold Sci-fi Kitbash Set

by Jose Borges

This is a large collection of sci-fi military parts for anyone to use. This set has you covered with several hundred different parts that can be reconfigured in countless different ways so that you can create exactly which scene you want.

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SCI-FI Pistons and Crates

by Munkhjin Otgonbayar

Designed to aid artists working with sci-fi sets, this KitBash library can be very helpful when creating high tech interior or environment.

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