Santa Monica Studio God of War Art Blast—Concept Art

It has been a long journey just to reach this point. We have been crafting this fantastic adventure for nearly five years! It’s been almost two months since God of War was released and the team couldn’t be happier with the positive reception.

We sometimes forget how much work is put into something until it reaches the hands of the consumers. As developers and artists, we know and understand that people dedicate their lives to the craft. I am really proud to share the outstanding dedication, passion and creativity of the studio’s art team with the ArtStation community.

Making games is truly a creative journey, from writing to design… from production to QA, it would never have been possible without the full support of Sony and the incredible work of the team. We at Santa Monica Studio are very excited to celebrate the art department and to share a glimpse of this process with all of you throughout this week. We will be releasing the content listed below on the following dates:

Mon (6/18) – Environment & Lighting
Wed (6/20) – Characters, Animation, VFX, Breakables and UI
Fri (6/22) – Concept Art

Our artists have posted hundreds of images that showcase the immense talent and imagination put into the project, so we hope you enjoy! With all that said, be aware: spoilers ahead! Or, as Kratos would say it, “BOY!”.

Raf Grassetti
Principal Artist
Santa Monica Studio

Concept Artists

Luke Berliner – Lead Environment Concept Artist

Luke Berliner – Concept Artist – God of War

Dela Longfish – Lead Character Concept Artist

Dela Longfish – Concept Artist – God of War

Abe Taraky – Concept Artist

Abe Taraky – Concept Artist – God of War

Annis Naeem – Concept Artist

Annis Naeem – Concept Artist – God of War

Jin Kim – Concept Artist

Jin Kim – Concept Artist – God of War

Joseph Kennedy – Concept Artist

Joseph Kennedy – Concept Artist – God of War

Jose Cabrera – Concept Artist

Jose Cabrera – Concept Artist – God of War

Mark Castanon – Concept Artist

Mark Castanon – Concept Artist – God of War

Stephen Oakley – Concept Artist

Stephen Oakley – Concept Artist – God of War

Yefim Kligerman – Concept Artist

Yefim Kligerman – Concept Artist – God of War

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