ArtStation Marketplace: Environment Design Tutorials

The ArtStation Marketplace is a resource for artists to buy and sell products.  This week we’re featuring tutorials to guide you in your environment design and illustration process. 

Basics of Environments

by Foundation Art Group

Tutorial includes:

• 1 Hour 20 Min Video Lecture & Demo
• JPG Demo & Notes

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Fantasy City – Painting an Environment Illustration

This is a painting process video by the artist’s latest epic fantasy painting: Amanith City. This package contains recorded process using Photoshopsped up 5x with short audio commentary on the steps.

Intro to Photobashing for Environment Design

by . Wootha .
In this 1h30 real time demonstration, the artist shows how he uses photobashing for landscape design and how integrates them with painting techniques to blend everything together.

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Tutorial 002: ZBrush Fantasy Landscape

by Jan Urschel

The tutorial covers building geometry in ZBrush, framing, lighting and render with a breakdown of why  certain scenes and were chosen.Based on the 3D scene built in the first part of this tutorial,  the image is taken to a finished production illustration with discussion of illustration techniques, use of photos and design.

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digital painting for environment

This tutorial is for intermediate artists who already know basic object lighting and rendering.

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