Sketchfab Launches the Sketchfab Store in Beta

With over 2 million models online, the world’s largest platform to publish, share, and discover 3D content has unveiled a disruptive new arm to their business today with the launch of the Sketchfab Store: a new marketplace where people can buy and sell assets for 3D, AR or VR projects.

The Sketchfab store combines a powerful browser-based 3D player with an advanced “Model Inspector” (allowing every aspect of a 3D model including textures and topology to be scrutinized in real-time), letting buyers purchase with confidence: what you see is what you get. In addition, because Sketchfab generates an interoperable 3D format with every download, purchased files render consistently across many different destination applications.

Sketchfab’s CEO, Alban Denoyel says, “We’ve seen a growing need and market for 3D assets, especially as VR and AR have become more mainstream. We introduced a free download feature in 2014 and today see more than 200,000 downloads every month, for a cumulative total of more than 2.5 million downloads.”

“We started Sketchfab to help creators distribute 3D content on every platform and get discovered. Our store is the natural evolution of that.”

The store launches today as a beta with plenty more features planned. Over 4,000 models from over 170 creators are available on day one for every conceivable 3D project from animation and VFX to video games, 3D printing, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

To learn more about the launch of Sketchfab Store, visit the Sketchfab Blog or

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