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A habit holding a staff, next to a Procreate menu

Procreate 5: Getting Started and New Features

by Andrew Bosley

Andrew Bosley has many years of experience using Procreate on an iPad Pro for both personal and professional work. In this course, Andrew walks through important features of Procreate 5. His lesson is intended for those picking up Procreate for the first time, veterans of the software who are looking for new tips and tricks, and for people who want to get acquainted with the slew of new features and improvements in Procreate 5.

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A giant space ship hovers over a dusty town

Creating an Image from 3D Renders in Procreate

by Stéphane Bourez

Mixing 2D and 3D for an illustration or a concept art piece is quite common, but it’s not always easy to know when to switch between dimensions. In this course, Stéphane Bourez covers a Procreate workflow for sketching initial ideas and compositing raw 3D renders together to create a final image.

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Abstract swamp illustration

Generating Colored Sketches and Ideas from Chaos

by Geoffrey Ernault

Create colored sketches in Procreate with Geoffrey Ernault—starting with just a blank canvas! Learn how to use photos to generate ideas, develop a color palette, and refine the composition to have a starting point for a more developed image.

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A hot desert scene

Plein Air Painting with Procreate

by Mike McCain

Plein air painting (the act of painting outdoors) is one of the most effective ways for any artist to improve their understanding of light, color, and value. With Procreate and the iPad Pro, digital plein air painting has never been more convenient. In this course, Mike McCain walks through a plein air painting from start to finish and offers his advice for a great outdoor painting experience.

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A tiger draws on a table, surrounded by other animal friends

Character Illustration in Procreate

by Amber Aki Huang

Learn to create charming character illustrations in Procreate with Amber Aki Huang! In this practical course, Aki breaks down her drawing process from sketch to final rendering. She also shares her own tips and tricks for working efficiently and quickly in Procreate.

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A stylized faun looks at a glowing forest creature

Illuminating a 2D Illustration in Procreate

by Julia Körner

Julia Körner (Dyru) provides a process review for a magical illustration created using Procreate. See how she starts with rough sketch lines, explores color tests, establishes a mood board, builds lighting in a scene, works with transparency, and more. Julia also dives into her decision-making process, helping viewers transfer demonstrated techniques to their own projects in a thoughtful way.

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Illustration of an older man wearing fancy olden clothing

Character Design in Procreate

by Even Amundsen

Concept artist Even Amundsen walks through his design process for creating Jorsalfari, a character from the world of TEGN. The course covers the basic steps of his method in Procreate, including mistakes made along the way and how to learn from them. You can also buy a print of the course artwork here.

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A man faces a giant eye, wearing a sci fi outfit

Creating a Sci-Fi Concept in Procreate

by Rafael Sarmento

Award-winning Illustrator and Character Designer Rafael Sarmento provides a process discussion and workflow review for an original sci-fi artwork that reimagines the classic whale tale of Moby Dick. This narrated video review takes the viewer through Rafael’s entire Procreate painting process, including sketching and ideation, composition, background design, and adding details. Viewers will also get to see how Rafael uses Procreate to create unique visual effects like liquified brushstrokes.

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A snowy winter city scene

Painting a Winter City Scene in Procreate

by Nikolai Lockertsen

In this Procreate course, Nikolai demonstrates his digital painting process from first sketch lines and perspective setup to final render. He also shows how to get the best workflow in Procreate by setting up Prefs, Gesture Controls, and QuickMenu. Get Nikolai’s Brushpack from the tutorial here.

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A warrior stands next to a dragon

Finding Your Artistic Voice in Procreate

by Randy Vargas

Join Randy Vargas as he creates a fantasy illustration in Procreate. He covers his drawing process, color block in, rendering, and polish. He also talks about the importance of personal work and finding new inspiration, and how Procreate provides new opportunities to create.

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Illustration of a garden with many plants

Basic Botany For Artists

by Angi Pauly

Angi Pauly teaches the basics of plant identification and how one can apply plant variety to make detailed illustrations. Learn to avoid common mistakes with several painting demonstrations that explain the theoretical concepts of botany.

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Sketch of a space ship

Upwardly Mobile: Using Procreate to Enhance A Pencil Sketch

by Colie Wertz

Colie Wertz uses Procreate to take an idea from a small, traditional doodle to a finished piece on the iPad. Starting with an idea for a spaceship, Wertz shows how he moves from a relatively flat image to one with some pop. The course walks through layering and grouping techniques that develop the image and help to clearly express the original idea.

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