Select Promised Land 2017 Lectures Available on YouTube

This September nearly 500 creative industry professionals hailing from 23 countries, and 52 speakers from some of the most recognizable names in games, films and lifestyle (e.g. CD PROJEKT RED, Guerrilla Games, Platige Image, Blizzard Entertainment, Industrial Light & Magic, Sean Daniel Company, Ubisoft, Converse) visited EC1 complex in Łódź, Poland for the second edition of Promised Land Art Festival.

Those of you who weren’t able to join this year’s event or are looking for a taste of what Promised Land looks like can visit the festival’s official YouTube channel, where selected lectures are now available to watch. You can tune in to the following talks:

The Dynamic Process with Peter Han  
Peter Han, a freelance concept artist, currently focusing on teaching, believes that the fundamentals of sketching will always be part of any creative industry that requires a visual form of communication. In the lecture, he goes over the basics of his dynamic creative process.

Environment Design and Art Direction in Open Worlds

Raphael Lacoste, brand director of the Assassin’s Creed franchise at Ubisoft, speaks about inspiration and how personal experiences trigger imagination. In the lecture, he gives some tips about artistic direction and design, and speaks about the path that led him to Ubisoft.

Creating Believable Behemoths

Simon Unger, senior animator in Phoenix Labs, currently working on Dauntless, takes a look at the lessons learned and challenges faced when creating interactive behemoths at the indie scale.

Game UI: Past, Present & Future

Nick Slough is a creative director and co-founder of BEHOLDER, a UI/UX studio dedicated to high quality interfaces for AAA games. In his talk he covers the basics of creating and designing modern, user-friendly UIs, and reveals challenges waiting along the way.

Promised Land Art Festival is much more than lectures alone — it’s a place for exchange of knowledge and experience and a platform for networking. This year, besides 47 hours of inspiring talks and discussion panels, CD PROJEKT RED, organizer of the event, prepared over 39 hours of masterclasses in digital art, sculpting workshops with world renowned sculptors, live demos, and drawing sessions featuring professional models and cosplayers. Moreover, technical partners provided participants with the possibility to try out latest, state of the art technologies.

If you want to learn more about Promised Land Art Festival, you can check out the highlights video as well as a photo gallery from this year’s edition. To stay up-to-date with all news regarding the event, visit the festival’s website and make sure to follow Promised Land on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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