What’s New on ArtStation Learning – 06/04/2021

This week’s new THU TV courses cover a wide range of 2D and 3D topics. Read on to discover new content delivered by industry experts like Carlos Ortega, Sparth, Ruan Jia, and more!

Pinup Creative Process with Carlos Ortega

Character Designer Carlos Ortega deconstructs his creative process for making pinup character designs in this demonstration and presentation talk.

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Concept Art Career Path with Ruan Jia

Concept Artist Ruan Jia talks about his personal life growing up as an artist in China, and shares where he gets the inspiration to create his artwork today.

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20 Years of Visual Experiments with Nicolas ‘Sparth’ Bouvier

Art Director Sparth Bouvier walks viewers through his work from its beginnings to the present day. While doing so, he also discusses his creative process and shares useful tips.

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Pixar Production Design Process with Ralph Eggleston

Pixar Animation Artist Ralph Eggleston dissects different movies to illustrate the importance of picking a design style for a film and conveying character emotions through symbolism.

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Creating Characters: The Legacy of Stan Winston with Matt Winston

Matt Winston, son of Special Effects legend Stan Winston, shares the principles that made his father one of the greatest and most successful creators of our time in this talk about Stan’s life and legacy.

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Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Cover Art Deconstructed with Irene Gallo

Irene Gallo (Art Director Tor Books; Vice President, Publisher at Tor.com) talks about the process of matching the right artist to the right book and explains how she works with artists to create captivating book covers.

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Career Retrospective with Brenda Chapman

Animation Artist Brenda Chapman did not have an easy path to success, but she never gave up. In this inspiring career retrospective talk, she discusses failure and success in a very honest and direct way, leaving viewers with perspectives on how to keep going even when times are tough.

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Building Environments with David Lesperance

Environment Artist David Lesperance talks about his career and shares his work methodology when approaching different kinds of projects, emphasizing the importance of mastering multiple software.

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#ArtStationLearning Artwork Highlight

Artwork by Mike Garcia, based on Matt Kohr’s ArtStation Learning course, Concept Art for Games: Health Dispenser.

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