New Challenge: Beneath the Waves

The Beneath the Waves Challenge is now open – and this time with a brand new Props category in the concept phase! As usual, the artists taking part in Phase 2 of the challenge will be allowed to choose a concept from the first phase to base their submission on. This time around, we’re challenging artists to imagine an aquatic realm.

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Phase 1 Categories

Keyframe Concept Art

Character/Creature Design

Environment Design

Prop Design

Challenge Hosts

Rembert Montald (Riot Games): Keyframe Concept Art

Suzanne Helmigh (Freelance): Character Design

Randall Mackey (Freelance): Environment Concept Art

Kait Kybar (Goodbye Kansas Studios): Prop Design

Satoshi Arakawa (Amazon Games): Game Character Art

Gavin Goulden (Insomniac Games): Game Character Art

Mathew O’Halloran (Ubisoft Massive): Game Environment/Level Art

Karen Stanley (Ubisoft Massive): Game Environment/Level Art

Frankie DeRosa (Blur): Film/VFX Character Art

Alexandre Grynagier (Freelance): Film/VFX Prop Art

Community Engagement

The spirit of the ArtStation Challenges is to foster community-based learning and to celebrate artists’ achievements. We want you to get involved in the community. Upload your work in progress, comment on each other’s work and encourage each other in the spirit of learning and improvement.

The deadline for the Beneath the Waves (Phase 1) entries is Monday December 11th, 2017 4:59AM UTC

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