Beyond Human Challenge Update

The Production Phase of the Beyond Human Challenge is now more than halfway complete! Have you been following?

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Check out the progress in the categories below:

Game Character Art (Real-Time)

Film/VFX Art (Rendered)

Film/VFX Matte Painting 

Game Environment/Level Art

See just a few of the incredible works in progress that caught our eye:  

Work in progress by Ellie Dupont, based on a concept by Maxim Marenkov.

Work in progress by Alban Pllana, based on a concept by Tatyana Latypova

Work in progress by Jacek Pilarski

Work in progress by Praveen Natarajan, based on a concept by Geraud Soulie

Work in progress by Jeryce Dianingana 

Work in progress by Nicolas Pirot

If you’re participating in the challenge and need that extra motivation or advice, try reading interviews with winners from the last challenge to spark your inspiration:

Game Character Art (Real-Time) Winners Interview

Film/VFX Art (Rendered) Winners Interview

Film/VFX Matte Painting Winners Interview

Game Environment/Level Art Winners Interview

Visit the ArtStation Challenges page to see more fantastic artwork or join the competition yourself!

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