Sketchfab Now Lets Artists Add Audio to Their Scenes

Sketchfab announced a really cool new feature today. In addition to displaying your work in interactive 3D or VR, you can now add an additional layer of immersion: sound.

Audio can be added both as a two-dimensional traditional or ambient track or as positional 3D audio or any combination of the two. The positional audio can even be set to follow animated components in the scene such as characters or creatures. In addition, any added audio can be synched to animation timing which opens up some fascinating possibilities.

Audio tracks can also be layered. Up to ten tracks can be added depending on your account subscription.

To celebrate the announcement, Sketchfab partnered with the virtual studio platform Artella which allows artists to collaborate on projects together from remote locations. A combined team of Artella and Sketchfab modelers, animators, riggers, texture artists and – of course – a sound designer got together for an intensive 8-week production to showcase the new addition of sound with the release of “Lily & Snout”, the world’s first WebVR animated short.

The short was directed by Tim Rudder from Studio Soi, and produced by Artella and Animation Mentor co-founder Bobby Beck.

A number of lucky folks got invited to the feature BETA and a number of interesting use cases have already appeared including an exclusive model from the upcoming game “Shadowfall Tactics” from Madfinger games.

Here are some more cool examples:

You can learn more about Sketchfab’s latest feature over at their blog.

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