Illustrating in Clip Studio Paint with Andrew Trabbold

Illustrating in Clip Studio Paint

Andrew Trabbold regularly uses Clip Studio Paint to create his bold illustrations on both PC and iPad. On ArtStation Learning, he demonstrates his workflow for creating a bold line and color illustration using Clip Studio Paint and shows some of the methods and tools he uses in the software to achieve his signature style.

Watch Illustrating in Clip Studio Paint

About the Instructor

Andrew Trabbold has been working in video games and illustration for over twenty years.  He has worked for clients such as Marvel, Scholastic, and Wizards of the Coast.  He can still remember the first comic he bought, the first drawing he did and the first freelance job he landed.  When not drawing, he usually spends his time eating Korean food and running out of things to say in bios.

In this interview, he talks more about his course, career and learning advice.

Most memorable learning experience:

When I was about 12, my mom enrolled me in an after school art program called John Gordon’s Young Masters in Green Bay.  It taught me so much about drawing and the technical aspects of art that I probably wouldn’t have learned on my own.  It was hands down the most important learning experience and set me forward years.

Behind the course:

The course I’m teaching is meant to put a name and process to aspects that help illustrations have an extra edge.  Instead of just drawing, I wanted to call attention to practices that will help an artist put that extra edge to their pieces.

Favorite feature in Clip Studio Paint:

The stabilization setting!  It has five levels of smoothing and never feels intrusive or awkward. A lot of close seconds (and in no particular order):  the perspective tool, the 3d integration of poseable models and the blending effects of the brushes.

1 sentence of advice:

 Spend as much time creating your art as possible.

What you need to prepare for the course:

If you have Clip Studio, that would be a perfect place to start.  You can listen, try out techniques and create while the watching.  If you don’t have Clip Studio available, just being present and lending an ear is all you need!

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See more of Andrew’s work here

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