2 Weeks Left for CGMA Registration

There are only 2 weeks left to register for CGMA’s Summer term. CGMA gives professional, working artists, and artists early in their careers access to some of the industry’s most influential masters with a single click. Students will be taught the specific skills and software used in today’s studios to ensure they get the most relevant information and education possible.

CGMA is known for having the most affordable prices for arts education out there, with payment plans available and classes starting at $699. However, they are also making their mark as a premiere destination for mentored online art education around the world.

Take a look at the full course list and don’t forget to register before classes fill up.

Perspective with Roger OdaFULL!

Perspective with Robert St. Pierre3 Seats Left!

Perspective with Scott Caple3 Seats Left!

Perspective with Poe Tan5 Seats Left!

Dynamic Sketching 1 with Peter HanFULL!

Dynamic Sketching 1 with Patrick Ballestros FULL! 

Dynamic Sketching 1 with Eugene Huang7 Seats Available!

Dynamic Sketching 1 with Dzu NguyenFULL!

Dynamic Sketching 2 with Peter HanFULL!

Dynamic Sketching 2 with Poe Tan7 Seats Available!

Dynamic Sketching 2 with Patrick Ballestros7 Seats Available!

Fundamentals of Design with Tyler Edlin4 Seats available!

Digital Painting with David Merrit2 Seats Available!

The Art of Color and Light with Kristy Kay5 Seats Available!

The Art of Color and Light with Marco Bucci FULL!

Analytical Figure Drawing with Christian Nacoda3 Seats Available!

Analytical Figure Drawing with Ron LemenFULL!

Analytical Figure Drawing with Rey Bustos3 Seats Available!

Animal Drawing with Shannon Beaumont3 Seats Available!

Fundamental of Environment Design with Kalen Chock2 Seats Available!

Environment Design 1 with Aaron Limonick2 Seats Available!

Environment Design 2 with Lloyd Allen4 Seats Available!

Environment Sketching for Production with Patrick Raines7 Seats Available!

Fundamentals of Architecture Design with Tyler Edlin2 Seats Available!

Visual Development Mentorship with Armand Serrano7 Seats Available!

Matte Painting with Eric Bouffard – 7 Seats Available!

Drawing and Rendering Techniques for Hardware Design with Michal Kus5 Seats Available!

Character Design for Film and Games with Marco Nelor2 Seats Available!

Digital Portrait Painting with Melanie Delon3 Seat Available!

Creature Design for Film and Games with Bobby Rebholz5 Seats Available!

Costume Design with Clayton Stillwell9 Seats Available!

Fundamentals of Character Design with Ahmed Aldoori2 Seats Available!

Storyboarding for Animation with Jim Mortensen4 Seats Available!

Character Design for Animation with Nate Wragg3 Seats Available!

Character Design for Production with Nate Wragg3 Seats Available!

Anatomy of Clothing with Ron Lemen – 3 Seats Available!

Head Drawing and Construction with Christian Nacorda4 Seats Available!

3D Environment Program

Environment Program Page

Elective Classes

Character Page

NEW Studio Courses

The Art of Composition – FULL!

Narrative Illustration

Intro to Photoshop

Also, should you have any questions or concerns about this notification or any other registration related questions (including how to to get a portfolio review for course placement purposes), get connected with the Assistant Director of Admissions:

Jia Usmani
Phone: 818.561.9542
2D Academy
3D Academy & Elective courses

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