8 Marketplace Resources for Digital Animation

We’ve rounded up a list of resources on the ArtStation Marketplace for digital animators. Both beginner-level and more advanced content is included!


Alive! Animation Course in Blender

by Pierrick PICAUT

This course walks you through the very fundamentals of motion in Blender, all the way to high-end, advanced-level character action animations.

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Introduction to Animation in Maya

by Nexttut Education

Learn how to apply different principles of animation inside of Maya to create great scenes with the help of Abraham Leal.

I will start the course by teaching you the basics of animation in Maya. We will explore some classic exercises like the bouncing ball and the pendulum swing. We will then jump into more advanced animations like a walk cycle, body mechanics, and even a combat animation.

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Halloween Animation Spine: Full Real-Time Process  

by Dao Trong Le

Follow Dao’s process for using Spine for 2D animation. The resource includes both process videos and working files for you to follow along at home.

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Animate a 2D Background in 3D Using Camera Projection

by Jose Vega

Learn how to project a 2D painting onto a 3D model for a 3D camera animation effect. Jose’s tutorial is done in Blender, but the techniques he teaches are applicable to any engine.

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Full Environment Creation in UE5 & Blender

by FastTrack Tutorials

If you’re looking to push your skills as a 3D artist and animator, this course is for you. Learn how a professional environment artist works when creating environments for games. You’ll learn techniques like modular modeling, procedural texturing, unique texturing, level art & composition, shader creation, lighting, character animations, and more!

To bring our scene to life I will show you how you can quickly generate character animations using Mixamo and I will even show you how to manually animate a horse in Blender.

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UE4 Advanced Lighting Design

by Maria Yue💡

Learn how to make your 3D animation work shine. This in-depth lesson about lighting in Unreal Engine includes a special section on adding character animation to your project.

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Face Rigging in Blender

by Konrad Hetko

Konrad shares his workflow for creating realistic face rigs based on shape keys. Learn about sculpting necessary expressions, using references, managing stretches, and everything else needed for a realistic rig.

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Blender Cinematic Bundle

by Jorge Barrero

This is a must-have bundle for animators looking to work in Blender. Included are Jorge’s Colorkey in Blender, Cinematic Frames in Blender, Storyboarding in Blender, and Stylized Visual Development in Blender products.

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