Gnomon’s Best of Fall Term

The Gnomon School of VFX has educated many of the globe’s best digital artists. Their curriculum is world-renown and the students graduating from there are a force to be reckoned with.

Every term, the best work is selected and awarded a spot in their Best of Term Showcase.  Check out some of the awesome work from their latest Fall Term winners and see what some of the students had to say on their piece:

Character Design

Character Design by Alvaro Zabala.

“This piece gave the opportunity to show the love I have for the practical and make up FX monsters. I tried to convey that sense of soul that I feel this tragic monster has. I used zbrush for sculpting and polypainting and photoshop for small retouching.” – Alvaro Zabala

Creature Animaton

Creature Animation by Misae Kawai.

“This work is inspired by the Netflix show “Stranger Things”. I used zbrush for modeling, substance painter for texture, Maya for lighting/rigging/animation, Vray for rendering, Nuke for compositing.” – Misae Kawai

 Vehicle Design

Vehicle Design by Alexandra Reeves.

“The piece was done for my texturing 2 class in which we learned Mari and rendered in vray, I wanted to try experimenting in texturing a model only done in Zbrush and try out hardsurface sculpting/remeshing as well because I’d never done it before. The process of going from zbrush to maya and rendering in vray was extremely exciting because for the first time it really felt like I had gone through an entire pipeline.” – Alexandra Reeves

Game Environment

Game Environment by Patrick Yeung, inspired by beautiful concept art by Evgeniy Musienko.

This is my take on a wine cellar environment completed with a grape vine garden. I explore the use of procedural texturing for tileable assets and a combination of dynamic and static lighting method to achieve a warm and soft setting. – Patrick Yeung


Sculpture by Odysseas McCammon.

“For this project I was assigned the character archetype “Rebel”, and tasked with incorporating reptilian elements. I interpreted this as an undercover reporter in a tribal dystopia, where cybernetics are used to keep ancient traditions alive.” – Odysseas McCammon


Compositing by Yu Wei Chiang

“I used Maya fluid for the initial blast. Rigid body simulation and the explosion were both done in Houdini then rendered with Vray Maya. The layering element and compositing was done first in Nuke then finally color graded in After Effects.”

3D Illustration

3D Illustration by Caroline Ng.

“The Geographer, a 3D piece based on a concept by Victor Maury. This was created using Mudbox, Zbrush, Maya, Mari and rendered in Vray.” – Caroline Ng

Effects/Live Action

Effects & Live Action by Bryan Gonzales.

“At the beginning of the term, I decided I wanted to attempt a bigger scale destruction piece. Half of the work was creating all the smoke, fire, geometry, textures, and mattes, and the other half was learning modeling and destruction in Houdini. This project is inspired after the ending of dead space 3.” – Bryan Gonzales

Texturing & Shading

Texturing & Shading by Aviral Agarwal

“The inspiration for this piece came from the last “Headhunting” tribe in Nagaland, India. The goal for this piece was to push my anatomical understanding and to make a CG character as close to life as possible.” – Aviral Agarwal

Game Effects

Games Effects by Nathan Huang 

I based my visual effect on the Halo plasma grenade. Everything was created by using simulation flip books created in Maya, textures in Photoshop and Unreal Engine 4 to bring it all together. Nathan Huang

Matte Painting

Grand Prize Winner, Matte Painting by Malcolm Moseley 

“For Vehicle Design / Environment Design i mixed my finals. My peers and instructors pushed me to go above and beyond and to try to tell a story through the world itself. Using a combination of Keyshot, Photoshop, and 3d Studio Max. Scale was certainly one of the primary focuses to sell for this project.” – Malcolm Moseley

Visit Gnomon’s Best of Term Showcase page to see more of the top artwork from the term.

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