Pixologic Launches ZBrushLive!

Since its inception, Pixologic has maintained a focus on fostering a sense of community among artists. Through providing networking resources to learn alongside one another as well as hosting the annual ZBrushSummit, this focus has remained strong over the years. As a result, Pixologic has gained a reputation not only as the purveyor of ZBrush, the world’s most widely used digital sculpting application, but as a driving force for uniting a global community of artists driven by the same passion for creativity and design. ZBrushLIVE marks an evolutionary step in expanding an already massive artist community, centered around 3D art and technology. The online streaming media and news portal will host live Twitch broadcasts, Pixologic’s new ZPlays, The ZBrush Podcast.

At the center of ZBrushLIVE will be artists and industry professionals from the 3D community who will be broadcasting live via the Pixologic Twitch channel. Daily broadcasts will feature exclusive tips, tutorials, speed sculpting, game asset creation, 3D printing and much more provided by hand selected artists from the public and Pixologic staff themselves.

Every day of February has at least one broadcast scheduled and is growing. Their goal is to eventually have round-the-clock content streaming that will allow visitors worldwide to tune in at any time or view it later as it will be archived on their official Youtube Channel.

Pixologic is also currently accepting applications from artists to get a streaming slot on the channel. Visit ZBrushLIVE.com to submit one.

Layna Lazar – ZBrushLIVE streaming artist

In addition to the live content, this new platform will be one of the many places to find The ZBrush Podcast that was launched in the latter half of 2016.  The Podcast features interviews with industry pros, news and recaps from Pixologic as well as exclusive ZPlays (gameplay sessions featuring the staff playing hit titles with the artists from the game studio).  Past episodes have featured artists from Bethesda presenting Fallout 4, iD Software presenting DOOM and Square-Enix presenting Final Fantasy XV. The ZPlays are designed to be both fun and informative. As the Pixologic team plays a game, the studio artists chime in via screen share and show off the 3D game assets created in ZBrush while sharing insight, the story behind them and behind the scenes information. In the future, their aim is to host studio guests when new titles launch and invite the public to jump in to play and ask questions!

Another highlight of ZBrushLIVE is the ZBlog that will feature up to the minute news considering all things ZBrush and 3D-related. The experience is designed to be informative and social, making it easy for visitors to find the latest content and spread the word to their friends on social media. Visitors will be able to find the weekly ZBrushCentral recap featuring the top posts to the official ZBrush forum from each week.

ZBrushLIVE has been created to grow and bring the global community of 3D artists together in a way that will be informative, fun and highly interactive. As of today, February 6th 2017, you can now visit ZBrushLIVE.com to view the broadcast schedule, watch past episodes, sign up to receive news and submit an application to become part of the team! Pixologic is looking forward to the future of 3D and can’t wait to experience it with friends around the world!



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