Featured Portfolio: Bastien Grivet

ArtStation Pro members continue to amaze us with their portfolio websites. This week we’re featuring the work of Swiss Art Director and Concept Artist, Bastien Grivet, who has worked at some huge companies like Ubisoft, Warner Bros and even Louis Vuitton. One of the best things about ArtStation-powered websites is that it allows the users to customize beautiful premium themes and have their artwork showcased the way they like it.

Check out Bastien Grivet’s ArtStation-powered website

Bastien gets inspiration from the scenic mountains of his homeland, the work of great artists, his peers, and listening to great classical music from the Modern era. Despite never finishing a diploma, he has been able to successfully work in the industry with his experience in graphic design and the knowledge he learned from books. That just goes to show that it’s not all about where you study!

We also had the chance to ask Bastien a couple questions on how to create the kind of portfolio that will get you hired.

What kind of qualities do you think companies are looking for in their candidates?

A good mix of skills, creativity and speed (time is money)! For example, when we need an artist to work with our studio, we’re absolutely not focused on diplomas. We care that the candidate possesses art skills, sensitivity, rapidity and is a general good person as a human being.

 What makes a strong portfolio?

Homogeneity! A good balance of what you truly love to create (a good proof of your sensitivity as an artist) and what you are most skilled at. Never show what you’re really not proud of. In a portfolio, what I love to see is the open door to a universe. You need a perfect use of colours and light to guide the spectator in a really great personal vision. People forget to create for themselves before creating for others.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

CREATE! Every time! Personal artworks are perfect to be selected on what you really like to do. Work on your skills and don’t be afraid to take inspiration from the best. If you want to reach the moon, aim for the sun! 


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