Marvelous Designer 6 Personal for Steam

CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. has released Marvelous Designer 6 Personal for Steam with good performance and enhanced features. This official release will include support for 3 additional languages (English, Korean and Chinese) and Windows build. Marvelous Designer can confirm the following never seen before features:

  • Button & Buttonhole: Add Buttons and Button Holes as desired on any location of the 3D Garment.
  • Steam: De-wrinkle and even out smaller areas of 3D Garments, just like you would with a garment steamer.
  • Scene Time Warp: Speed up or slow down the frames in the motion to warp the global time in the scene.
  • Solidify: Maintain the folds and wrinkles of any Pattern piece even with Simulation activated.
  • Offset Pattern Outline: Extend the Pattern outline while maintaining its original shape.
  • Chalk: Draw Chalk Lines on the 3D garment
  • Avatar Improved: Delete individual Avatars and save Avatars along with Avatar Property Editor as well as undo actions related to the Avatar

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Marvelous Designer has been widely used in high-profile game productions to improve clothing simulation, and to speed up the process of creating believable outfits. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Assassin’s Creed and Metal Gear Solid V are some of the blockbuster productions that have utilised Marvelous Designer in their pipelines.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (CD PROJEKT RED)

Wojciech Michalski, Character Artist at CD PROJECT RED: “Marvelous Designer offers unrivalled speed and efficiency, making work on projects and applying changes a virtually effortless process. The breadth of its features made it an invaluable asset not only in character creation, but also while working on environment assets, quest items, as well as material prototypes, which Marvelous Designer allowed us to dynamically simulate directly within the game environment.”






Assassin’s Creed Cinematics (Digic Pictures)

Diana Sindel, Junior Character Artist at Digic Pictures: “Marvelous Designer is very user friendly, and one can quickly get used to its interface. Due to my experience in apparel making, using Marvelous Designer is the fastest and easiest pattern-based modelling method for creating realistic simulated clothes. It is very useful that, in contrast to poly modelling, I can add more material to the fabric in a controlled way, which makes it easier to create realistic cloth simulation. One of the major drawbacks of traditional poly modelling is that during simulation, clothes start to stretch and “tear”, because artists can’t properly define the amount of extra material that is required to make it look realistic (in case of shirt sleeves or the back of a jacket, for example).”



“I used Marvelous Designer while working on Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher 3, MeTube 2 and several other projects. I have used it predominantly for making clothes and various garments (scarves, caps, gloves, shirts, tees, trousers, skirts). Later, I started designing accessories in Marvelous Designer, too (tents, foils, body bags, draperies, pillowcases, curtains and custom MoCap suits for dogs and horses).”



“The most challenging thing for me was sewing the MoCap suit for a horse. I created the pattern in Marvelous Designer, and used it to sew the suit itself. After measuring the horse, we created an avatar that I used to make the suit, and by importing the data of the moving horse (Maya cache) we could also simulate the suit to see how it fits. It was very helpful that we could set the material quality of the suit, and during the tests, we could see where we need extra fabric, and where we should make it more form-fitting. There were several errors that came to surface this way before the actual sewing took place, and thus the horse required less fitting sessions.

Metal Gear Solid V (KONAMI)

Takeya Inoguchi has been a part of Kojima Productions since MGS 4, and he was in charge as the Character Lead for Metal Gear Solid V: “I oversee the overall character creation process from schedule management for the department, decision making of the character spec, organizing the workflow, outsourcing management, quality improvement process and so on. Virtual representation of clothing has always been a big challenge in the area of modeling. We have been widely researching from multiple cloth simulation tools to 3D scanning system, but MD was the only product to fully meet our requirements from quality, functionality, speed, and data compatibility. The most powerful advantage I would say is the overall features.”




Software updates/upgrade

Those who have Marvelous Designer 6 Personal for Steam must purchase a new version since upgrade isn’t available with the application. Patches and minor updates are provided free of charge with a Steam Perpetual license.


Marvelous Designer 6 Personal for Steam is available for Windows at a promotional price $320.

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