Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2016 is coming!


The Tribe Returns: Iain McCaig leads us to that place called Tróia, not far away, that lies on the sandy beaches of Imagination, protected by the walls of hope. That place where creativity fosters and dreams come true. That place that is home to the members of the THU Tribe, who travel long distances every year, crossing oceans and skipping through continents, to attend the most unique gathering of creatives in the world. Race, age, color, and gender don’t matter at THU. If you live and die for creativity, this is where you belong. So brace yourselves and get ready: the Tribe returns at ?#?THU2016? this September!

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn Returns!

As the countdown begins to the next Trojan Horse was a Unicorn, a remarkable lineup of speakers has been announced with more to come. They include Alberto Mielgo, Alessandro Baldasseroni, Alex Alvarez, Bobby Chiu, Brenda Chapman, Christian Alzmann, Claire Wendling, David Lesperance, Doug Chiang, Frank Tzeng, Gerald Brom, Irene Gallo, Jeremy Mann, Kevin Margo, Kevin Lima, Loic Zimmerman, Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery, Matt Winston, Mikki Willis, Nadezda, Nick Carver, Nicolas ‘Sparth’ Bouvier, Phil Hale, Ralph Eggleston, Robh Ruppel, Ruan Jia, Ryan Woodward, Shelly Wan, Shuzo John Shiota, Steve ‘Spaz’ Williams, Vang Cki and of course Mr. Concept Art!

For the artists lucky enough to be travelling to Tróia in September for the first time, they are in for a surprise. They are heading to a THU Tribe reunion where they will be welcomed with open arms, will form lifelong friendships, and will be able to talk with the THU speakers (Knights) as fellow artists mingling at the sessions and events. Though the number of artists who can attend the event is limited, THU is planning a bigger and better THU TV schedule for everyone who can’t make it to Troia. Like the attendees, this will give you access to the amazing talks from industry legends who will talk about the successes and failures in their careers, and how they coped with both.

The greatest surprise for me attending THU 2015 was something that is often missing from other conferences and events. There was real honesty from both the presenters and the attendees about their experiences as both established and beginning artists. None of the speakers delivered “Trump-style” speeches about how everything they touched turned to gold, or how they had never made a mistake in their lives. It was an amazingly open and honest exchange of experiences and lessons learned. The speakers were also completely accessible off the stage, so you could sit down beside industry legends like Iain McCaig or Ian McQue, or other people not named Ian, and have a down-to-earth chat about life, the universe, and everything without security asking you to stand behind a rope.

Scott Ross (THU Tribal Shaman) said at the beginning of the event, “Prepare to be transformed!” It wasn’t a hollow promise to excite the crowd of artists. It was a warning that this was not a normal event, and there was no way we would be unchanged by the experience. Everybody was free to let their guards down and connect with people with the same passions and fears as them in a completely safe environment. It took a day to get used to the idea that you were expected to be yourself, and not your Facebook-self, with humblebrags, and career highlights. That vibe came through the first THU TV broadcast where speakers opened up to everyone, and even shared war stories that you would never expect to hear from anyone who might want to work in film again.

THU TV Volume II goes on sale today at the special discounted price of €75* (available for one month before it goes to the full price of €100*). For that low price, THU TV subscribers will have access to the inspirational talks of THU 2016, live coverage of THU 2016, talkshows and exclusive programs, access to one recruitment day at THU (September 21st), Masterclasses (new for THU 2016), and new show formats and concepts.

Beyond the usual tutorial content of most conferences, THU provides invaluable life lessons about how to make your way through life as an artist, and how to maintain the fire within when reality is trying to put it out. Some of the presentations will be raw, but all of them will tell you how it is, and give you a framework to build your career as a lifelong artist.

If you can’t make it to this year’s event, get THU TV Volume II, and see you at THU 2017!

*ticket prices shown do not include VAT or transaction fees. Broadcasts and transactions are carried out via the Cleeng video platform.

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