Finding Your Place in the 3D Industry

Gnomon School of Visual Effects recently hosted Finding Your Place in the 3D Industry—Discussion Plus Q&A with Senior 3D Character Artist, Jesse Sandifer at the Gnomon campus in Hollywood.

Jesse’s about-turn from architecture to creating 3D characters led him into a 15-year career as an award-winning digital artist working for clients including Hasbro, FOX, Warner Bros., Zynga, and Autodesk, among others. Jesse’s presentation will discuss the considerations and challenges of making a career change and starting over. He will also offer advice on how to be a valuable employee, including lessons in integrity and attitude, as well as how to market your skills and make yourself employable to other industries. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session, which is open to both the live audience and online viewers.

Be sure to follow Gnomon on Livestream to watch the full event for free from anywhere in the world.

Watch the livestream of Finding Your Place in the 3D Industry—Discussion Plus Q&A

Guest Speaker


Senior 3D Character Artist, Whitemoon Dreams

Jesse Sandifer is a native Texan whose first claim to fame was being the red-head kid in school. He now works as a Senior 3D Character Artist at Whitemoon Dreams, an indie game studio in Los Angeles. Formerly, he was a Lead Character Artist for Blur Studio. He’s a self-taught, award-winning digital artist with a burning passion for breathing life into everything he creates. His work has featured in films, games, cinematics, TV, toys, trade shows, and a spread of CG art books and magazines across the globe.

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