RealtimeUK destroys Paris for ‘World of Tanks: Rubicon’ preview

RealtimeUK creates cinematic trailers and commercials for big name game and car companies. It recently produced the Rubicon preview trailer for’s hugely successful ‘World of Tanks’ franchise. With 100,000 million registered users for the free-to-play franchise, few game trailers would have that weight of expectation hanging over it.

For the trailer, RealtimeUK’s creative team recreated a raging tank battle in war-torn 1940s Paris under the Eiffel Tower.

Rubicon: VFX breakdown

The epic Rubicon trailer features some pretty amazing scenes of destruction with explosions, dust, fire and smoke effects so RealtimeUK built an VFX breakdown to really show it off. The centre-piece of the finale is the destruction of the Eiffel Tower, which in the breakdown becomes more poignant as the camera sweeps around the structure as it begins its fall to earth.

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