Featured Pro Portfolio: Tomasz Muszyński

Tomasz Muszyński is an Arch Viz artist based in Poland who specializes in creating contemporary home interiors in Unreal Engine.

Check out Tomasz’s ArtStation-powered portfolio website. 

“Andrew Price recommended this website so I tried to use it… and I loved it!  It is a very friendly place to store your own work. It looks very clean and is really easy to use and manage.”

What inspired you to start a career in Architectural Visualization?

My wife inspired me to pursue Arch Viz because she is an architect and needed interior design visualizations. We started in 2011 with Intericad, which was quite a primitive solution compared to Blender or UE4 for example nowadays. In 2014, I switched to Blender Cycles and bought a full course on Architecture Academy by Andrew Price to learn some basics for Arch Viz. In 2015, I decided to use Thea Render with Blender and then Octane Render but faced some inconveniences with render time and image noise.

By 2017, I made another turn in my process – this time to the Unreal Engine. Now, it is my main rendering path. I still use Blender for modeling and for design prototyping but all my final renders are made in Unreal Engine. I am glad that I settled upon Blender and Unreal Engine because both are under heavy development and I think they will become the mainstream tools for Arch Viz in the near future. I think many new artists will start their 3D CGI education and career with these free and powerful tools based on their low cost of entry point and functionality potential. My current work in UE4 allows me to create work not only for Arch Viz but also for VR for product presentation or MixedReality Scenes for commercials.

What are the most important skills to demonstrate in an Arch Viz portfolio?

The most important skill that I can demonstrate in my renders is realism, especially through the scene lighting and materials. I still have many things to learn but I love to learn new skills and tools for my work. I also created the ARCOMA huge uber-shader system (based on UE4 material nodes) for fast working with materials in Unreal Engine and I use it everywhere – even for VR.

Tell us about one of your favorite pieces in your portfolio.

It is very hard to pick just one thing based on render quality. I can say that I would like to make something even better than what I currently have in my portfolio. But based on my feelings related to the scene/project, design or people that I worked with, these are the ones that stand out to me.

  • Lake Valley Central 
    This was my first environment-game scene with a nice cinematic mood that included old architecture.
  • KONE VR Experience
    This is a VR scene that I made for Rayworks.com for the KONE elevator demo and received an award.
  • Boun Cibo 
    This is part of 3 scenes done for MixedReality. I had to give maximum performance with a realistic look.
  • AIKA twin-house 
    This is our original design of our house and I love it.

What advice do you have for aspiring Arch Viz artists?

Love what you do because passion gives you the energy to not give up, to learn, and to develop your skills. Always try to learn something new and try to have bigger view (not only related to the Arch Viz but also science, technology, and art). You always need to have some criticism for your own creations. Also, remember to decrease the diffuse saturation if you need to have realism in your scenes!

See more of Tomasz’s work on his portfolio website. Find out more about ArtStation premium websites here.

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