Like Comments and Changing the Order of Comments

Image credit: Tor Frick

We’re always finding better ways to do things and your feedback is crucial to building a better platform! One of the big improvements we recently did was to our commenting system.

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You can now Like comments

Sometimes, you want to show appreciation for a comment, but you don’t really want to write a note to respond to it. You can now Like comments that others leave on your projects.

Sorting comments chronologically

In the past, comments were sorted latest first. This just wasn’t working as well as we expected, so we switched it to sort chronologically with the latest comments at the bottom.

Showing all comments by default

We also decided to just show all comments by default instead of only showing the latest few and allowing to expand.

As a result of these simple changes, we’re seeing more comments being added, which is a great thing!

We’ll look into enabling you to reply directly to comments in the near future.

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