Cool indie director seeks ‘mega illustrator’ for graphic novel

Earlier this week, in my other job at CG Channel, I posted a little article on Auroras, a beautiful new VFX short created by former Digital Domain and Weta lighting artist Niles Heckman.

I asked Niles what he planned to do now that Auroras is complete, and he mentioned that he had a 40-page script he hoped to turn into a graphic novel – and that he was looking for an illustrator to collaborate with.

Niles writes:

Here’s the synopsis: a young military sniper is suffering from severe PTSD from witnessing the gruesome death of his dear friend and spotter, who perishes in a very unusual manner in the desert in the Middle East. After being back home at his farmhouse in the US with his elderly single parent father, he undergoes a cutting-edge experimental procedure at a state-of-the-art defense contractor which uses advanced, alien-like, neurological technology to remedy his symptoms, allowing him to relive his mission with a different mind-bending alternate outcome.

The style would be black-and-white like manga: not cartoony or sketchy but more full realism like high-end storyboards. My current plan is to find a mega graphic novel illustrator, give them a bit of money up front, then just give it to them to run with creatively for however long it takes. [There will be a] potential split of sales and royalities on the back end.

If you are that illustrator, and you’re interested in collaborating with Niles, you can find contact details on his website.

About the author

Jim Thacker is a contributing editor for ArtStation Magazine.