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From the cute to the creepy, Comic Artist Luisa Russo‘s work always prioritizes storytelling through expressive characters and focused framing. Learn more about Luisa and how she keeps her portfolio fresh in this new interview!

Where did your professional journey with comic art and illustration begin?

The first time I thought about it (as a career), it was during university. I attended different studies in advertising, marketing, and communication because drawing was my passion.

I had the chance to work on a comic book in Italy in 2003. At the time I believed I could do a job in comics and also pursue my skills in marketing and advertising. However, in 2013 I decided to focus on comics as my only career.

What has most helped you develop your own art style?

I think that I was influenced a lot by the comic books I read when I was young: Witch, Monster Allergy, Sky Doll, Dylan Dog, Mickey Mouse. Some manga, such as Video Girl Ai. I was also in love with Beatrix Potter’s illustrations and the books of the 60s such as Pinocchio. Those gave me a desire to draw, and were my references for the drawings I made. My style is currently impacted by all of these comics.

I should say that animation movies also helped me a lot in developing my characters’ dynamism. My storytelling style plays with comics and movie-style framing. Finding new inputs and seeing what’s new in art, comics, and movies helped me develop my style.

Always look around you to find new inspirations!

What are some of the unique rewards and/or challenges of your profession?

Of course anyone would want to win an Eisner award, but I would say that being appreciated by your team, or working on a story you like very much and seeing it published can be a unique reward.

The greatest challenge is not getting discouraged by other artists’ successes. Find your own way, love it, and always be professional and on time for deadlines!

Why did you choose ArtStation to host your portfolio?

ArtStation is very focused on art, and not on social network algorithms. You don’t have to struggle to post every day, just when you really want. You can follow people you’re interested in and find new inspirations. Also, the Pro (website) version has a really cool layout!

What’s your advice for others looking to enter the field?

OK, let’s have this moment of wisdom! The first piece of advice is to choose some clear goals. Not just “I wanna be a comic artist,” but: “I want to be published within a year,” or “I want to get better in colouring and build a portfolio with a lot of pages” for example.

Second piece of advice: work on your storytelling skills. Anatomy and backgrounds are important of course, but you are creating a story. If you’ve reached your goal to create a world and have got the reader loving it, that’s what matters the most. That’s when the magic happens.


Luisa Russo is an Italian comic artist whose career began with the Italian publisher Star Comics. In 2013 she published her first comic book in France for Éditions du Long Bec called Envols. From 2018 to 2020 she was the artist of Atlantide: terre engloutie for the French publisher Clair de Lune. In 2021 she had her work featured in two more French comic books: Les Géants for Glénat, and Hella et les Hellboyz for Drakoo.

Luisa’s work has also worked for a number of international clients. She created cover art for a Frozen mini series by Dark Horse Comics, and has worked on short stories for Z2 Comics and Mad Cave Studios. Currently, she is working on a project with Belgium-based Kennés éditions. Luisa is very passionate about her work and always looking to improve herself and her art.

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