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Pencil drawing of a turtle-like creature carrying a weapon and covered in shields

Making Monsters: Pencil Drawing

by Justin Gerard

In part one of his “Making Monsters” series, Justin shares his process for designing and drawing one of his “Monster of the Month” illustrations. Justin covers creating thumbnails and rough sketches, working with references, and using a variety of pencil techniques to execute a tight drawing.

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A fantastical watercolor scene with rainbow-like colors, clouds, and trees

Watercolor Fundamentals

by Naomi VanDoren

Naomi VanDoren uses watercolors to create vibrant and magical worlds. In this series, she reviews the basics of working with watercolors, with instruction tailored to those who are comfortable with digital tools like Photoshop.

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A shot of Alex painting a male portrait

Oil Painting

by Alex Castaneda

In this series, Alex Castaneda walks the viewer through the basics of oil painting, working his way up to making a complete portrait. He holds the unique perspective of being someone who first started out as a digital painter.

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A charcoal portrait next to charcoal tools

Drawing Demonstration in Charcoal

by Chris Petrocchi

This course illuminates the process of drawing a portrait in charcoal from start to finish. Chris covers such crucial topics as: how to get started, measuring techniques, proportion, values, observing like an artist, building structure into your portrait, creating a focal point, and more.

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A clay figure with a creepy skull head and large form lurches at the camera

Traditional Sculpting

by John Mahoney

This comprehensive series by John Mahoney includes a step-by-step walkthrough for sculpting a clay figure. From starting armature to final fine details, it has everything needed to create a professional-level piece. John also incorporates ZBrush, Photoshop, and KeyShot into the course with digital versus physical sculpting comparisons and portfolio presentation demonstrations.

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A blue alien stares at the camera

From Sketch to Final

by Dawn Carlos

Dawn Carlos offers a walkthrough for taking a concept from ink sketch to final digital composition. Learn how to put your ideas to paper before bringing them to life in Photoshop.

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Shot of a hand above a sketch book

The Sketchbook Series


An artist’s sketchbook can tell you many things. It’s a special place where they can scribble freely and let their imagination run wild, giving you insights into who they are. In The Sketchbook Series, discover the sketches, inspirations, and processes of nine immensely talented artists.

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