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My experience teaching at New3dge has been absolutely delightful, and I have been so impressed with the quality of the school and the level of the students. The students are being taught with the most relevant technology and software, but also with a focus on fundamental principles of visual artistry. The results speak for themselves. – Nathan Fowkes

If you’re wondering how to step up your game and become one of the next trending concept artists, take a look at New3dge’s Concept Art program!

At New3dge, they will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional concept artist. At the school, you will learn the tools of the trade like: Blender, Octane and VR modeling in Gravity Sketch, advanced design courses on storytelling with color & light, and form language.

As their The Rookies ranking shows year after year, New3dge is amongst the best art schools in the world and their international renown grows stronger every year. New3dge Concept Art is taught on site directly by the best concept artists and designers in the world. This ensures that aspiring concept artists learn the job from industry professionals and learn the latest techniques.

Each student will have access to a Plein air oil painting kit, and a personal workstation with Wacom Intuos Pro, Oculus Quest 2 and every program and plugin necessary for concept art.


“New3dge concept art school was an amazing experience; there are many different classes with multiple subjects. The amount of good teachers and amazing artists was insane. New3dge has always pushed every student in their style or their own goals and the classes have been built for that. Finally one of the best things was to have really great teammates on site, and having friends right next to you is definitely something that will bring you at an even greater level. “

-Valentin Perouelle

“The New3dge program has been very effective for me, I made huge progress thanks to the teaching of exceptional and passionate artists. During these two years I learned a lot of processes and tools, specific to each teacher, which allowed me to experiment and find my own way to work. The working and learning environment is exceptional, and the quality materials have allowed us to learn to use new tools such as VR. In addition, the small class size allows a lot of feedback and interactions which leads to very rapid progress. I am very happy to have taken this training and would recommend it to anyone trying to enter the highly competitive world of concept art. “

-Jonathan Bertaud

“These two years were decisive for me. I did a huge step up not only in terms of skills but also in the way of thinking about my designs. We were lucky to have quality lessons alongside the best concept artists in the industry. The teaching was really complete both practical and theoretical. We learned to design characters, props and environments, whether stylized or realistic. It was also very rewarding to explore different processes, whether in 3d, 2D, VR or tradi (pleinair). I particularly loved the lessons of Lucile Meunier in which I learned a lot. Those comforted me in the idea of becoming a character designer, so I’m really happy to have been part of the adventure.”

Oscar Bagalini


“I especially feel New3dge has something really special, I have never had a class work so hard and learn so much, and in such a short period of time too!’ – Finnian MacManus



New3dge is a wonderful place for learning the art and craft of game and VFX art. Great facilities and great staff provide a curriculum that ensures you’ll be prepared for the rapidly evolving games and film industry” –  Mike Hill



The school is hosting a virtual open house on Tuesday April 20th, where they will go into great details on the program, the facility and the students work. They will also be answering questions from prospective students during the Q&A session.

If you want to come study for two years in Paris and live one of the best experiences of your life, surrounded by the best the industry has to offer, visit the New3dge website to find out more. There is no application fee, so don’t hesitate and send your portfolio right now to know if you could be selected for the upcoming school year!

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