What’s New on ArtStation Learning – 18/02/21

We’ve compiled a list of the latest courses on ArtStation Learning to help you get inspired! This newly-released THU and ArtStation Learning partnered content covers career advice, character design techniques, visual effects breakdowns, & much more.

Thinking Through Character Design

with Naru Omori

In this discussion aimed at beginner to intermediate-level artists and students, Video Game Artist Naru Omori gives valuable guidance for making well-designed characters. Naru walks the viewer through the extensive research, testing, and iteration that went into one of his video game character design projects, “EVO-Zombie”. The presentation also includes professional tips and work habit advice for artists still establishing their careers.

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From Small-Town USA to Hollywood

with Shane Mahan

This career retrospective presentation by the accomplished Shane Mahan covers some of his most iconic projects. From early work with Stan Winston on Jurassic Park, Aliens, and The Terminator, to newer special effects works under Legacy Effects on titles including Jurassic World and Iron Man, this presentation is essential viewing for any artist in special effects.

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Real-Time Character Art That Stands Out

with Rodrigue Pralier

Rodrigue Pralier shares tips and tricks for making a stand-out character art portfolio piece. His talk provides advice for making a custom sci-fi chroma material as well as easy and appealing smoke effects. Additionally, an audience Q&A gives helpful insights for artists looking to establish themselves professionally.

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Visual Effects in Film

with Greg Jonkajtys

Greg Jonkajtys is a director, animator, and visual development artist who has worked in animation, feature film, and commercials for the last 20 years. This talk provides a special behind-the-scenes look at Greg’s VFX portfolio work on projects such as Pan’s LabyrinthThe Ark, and Sin City. With deep dives into his workflow and an audience question and answer period, this is a must-see for anyone involved in the film and VFX industry.

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Why the Hell Not: From Pizza to Creatures

with Justin Fields

Justin Fields is a Creative Director, Concept Artist, and Creature Designer who studied at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. In this illuminating career discussion, Justin shares his unique journey in becoming a Concept Artist. The talk includes valuable professional advice for other artists interested in pursuing this path.

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