Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program: Last Chance to Apply for Fall 2021 Intake


Syn Studio Concept Art School is the world’s top ranked school for concept art and illustration in 2020 (awarded by The Rookies). Since 2016, Syn Studio has been helping students from around the world learn the latest concept art tools and techniques from some of the top concept artists and illustrators working in the entertainment industry through its affordable 18-month Concept Art Diploma Program. This program is designed to help you level up your skills, achieve artistic mastery and build a top notch portfolio that best showcases your artistic potential so you can enter and become successful in the highly competitive concept art industry.

The General Application Review Process for the Fall 2021 intake of the Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program is currently underway and the application deadline is February 3, 2021.

This is your last chance to join a world class concept art training program in Fall 2021 and learn from some of the very best without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can get more information about the program and kickstart your application process here.

The Diploma Program Course Curriculum

The Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program was created to help you strengthen your design fundamentals and learn advanced concept art pipelines currently used in the industry. The program’s curriculum design involved a careful evaluation of industry trends and similar top concept art programs from around the world as well as consultations with top educators and concept artists, most notably Scott Robertson. The curriculum and course content are regularly updated to ensure that you learn the latest and the most industry relevant tools, pipelines and techniques.

During the first half of the 18-month program, you will undergo rigorous training to master fundamentals and develop high-level design and illustration skills using traditional art tools, Photoshop, Blender and various other software. During the second half of the program, designed to mirror the exacting industry environment, you will take the role of a junior concept artist with your teacher acting as your art director, providing you with critical on-the-job skills and guiding you through your professional-level concept art portfolio development process. In addition to this, Syn Studio also conducts guest lectures, masterclasses and workshops by eminent concept artists and other industry-related activities to help you build valuable connections so you can advance quickly upon graduation.

Syn Studio Top Quality Teaching Faculty

The Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program teaching faculty comprises senior concept artists and art directors currently working on some of the biggest film and AAA video games currently in production. During the course of the program, these instructors, with their years of industry and teaching experience, will provide you with valuable professional and technical knowledge and guide you in your journey of becoming a world class concept artist.

Some of the the past and current teachers in the program include concept artists such as:

Pierre Raveneau (Gods of Rome, Asphalt Xtreme, Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak)

Christian de Massy (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Snow White, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Jianli Wu (NBA Elite 11, World Cup 10, FIFA 10 and Gotham Knights)

Sean Bigham (Warframe, Halo 4 Champions DLC bundle, Prototype 2)

Additional current and past instructors include veteran artists and art directors such as Jessy Veilleux, Xin Ran Liu, Sergei Sarichev, Remko Troost and Veronique Meignaud, among others.

Syn Studio’s Location

Syn Studio is located in the heart of Montreal, a vibrant, affordable and multicultural global entertainment hub, and home to a variety of established and fast growing gaming, film and animation companies that continually generate new job opportunities. This combined with the low cost, high value training provided in the program has attracted students from all over the world, with classrooms typically comprising over 60% international students.

Such a global classroom consisting of the crème de la crème of aspiring concept art students from all over the world creates an exciting and enriching learning experience, with the constant exchange of ideas. Being in a group of 20 artists from different backgrounds who are on a single minded path to success will spawn lifelong friendships as you grow your skills and build your portfolios together.

In addition to this, Canadian students are eligible for up to $20,000 in student loans and international students are eligible for a post-graduate work permit upon graduation so they can work as concept artists in Canada.

How to Register?

Syn Studio’s recent diploma graduates are working as concept artists at top companies such as Ubisoft, Behaviour Interactive, WB Games, Beenox, Ludia, Square Enix, Digital Dimension, Virtuous, Kabam, Volta, Oasis Animation, Moment Factory and WB Games, amongst others.

*Due to the success and popularity of the program, Syn Studio is expecting more applications than ever this year. Please reserve your spot for your portfolio review now before it’s too late!

**The General Application Review Deadline for the 2021 Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program is February 3rd, 2021.

Join this artistic community and start the journey of a lifetime!

Reserve your place for the General Portfolio Review here >

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