Fly to New Heights With These 8 Feathery Marketplace Assets

Great assets of a feather flock together on the ArtStation Marketplace! Whether you’re looking for brushes or photo references, these eight assets have your next avian-related project covered.

An image of feathers on a sphere

Feathers IMM – ZBrush 2019

by Kieran Russell

These ten feather IMM brushes were made with 3D printed miniatures in mind.

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A picture of 3D feathers in a row

Feather IMM Pack

by Ricardo Graham

Find these six sculpted feathers in an IMM Brush for ZBrush 2020 and above. They are double-sided and made flat so that the artist can bend them in any desired direction.

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A feathery dinosaur Feather Brushes for ZBrush

by Allan Palmer

From the author: “I created these brushes due to a commission that required fully feathered dinosaurs. This resulted in the brush pack available here.”

What will you create with these inventive feather brushes?

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An image of feather alphas

Stylized Fur and Feather Alphas

by Tim Oliver Haag

This set contains six feather and eight fur alphas in .PNG format for use in applications such as ZBrush, Blender, and Substance Painter. Great for creating stylized creatures.

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Bird wings

ZBrush Avian Wing + FBX + OBJ

by Laura Peltomäki

This ZBrush model of avian wings includes feather groups separated into SubTools.

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Flying Pigeon & Gull Cutout

by Sylvain Sarrailh

This traditional painted design pack for creating beautiful and unique flocks of birds contains 60 pigeons and 50 herring gulls flying in a wide variety of positions.

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Birds Brush Set

By Zsolt Kosa

These 35 unique high-resolution Photoshop brushes are ideal for sketches, illustration bases, concept art, and matte painting. The set doesn’t simply include stamp overlays; you can actually paint with them.

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A picture of a swan

PNG Photo Pack: Birds

By Nomad Photo Reference

From the farmyard to the sky, these 134 cut-out birds will help you to quickly set up your next project.

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