CGCUP Educational Project: Top Industry Professionals on One Platform

“How do they do it?”

Admit it; you often ask yourself this question when you look at top digital artists’ work. Then you add, “How can I learn to do the same?”

Well, there is some great news for you. Now you have a platform where you can find answers to these (and many other) questions.

That platform is CGCUP, a new educational project created by artists, for artists; designed to become your creative guide in the CG world. Unique content, new formats, constant challenges — they’ll deliver all these things.

And, most importantly, CGCUP gathered the experience of top artists from different corners of the world. These artists will share with you their professional secrets, immerse you in their style and workflow, and answer the question, “how do they do it?”

What awaits you this new season of CGCUP?

  • 19 hours of exclusive content
  • 4 top speakers, each of them a renowned CG industry pro
  • A charismatic host, Spiridon Giannakis, who will draw all the professional secrets out of the speakers
  • The ruthless Randomizer, which tests the strength of the guests’ skills. They’ll create stunning art based on random concepts — and this challenge isn’t only for the pros, but for you as well
  • A season discount. Purchase exclusive masterclasses now with up to a 50% discount. New content is always cheaper than old content.

Now let’s get acquainted with the episodes lined up for this season.

Leon Tukker: Creating Environments: A Sci-fi Take on the Mayan Civilization

210-minute masterclass (+ 8-hour process time-lapse and other materials)


Leon is a concept artist from the Netherlands and a real environment guru. He doesn’t limit himself to traditional 2D tools but also uses 3D and VR software such as Gravity Sketch, Cinema 4D, and Octane Render to model scenes in his work. In his masterclass, Leon will introduce you to his workflow, teach you how to use different techniques (displacement maps, octane scatter, volume modeling, etc.) and show how to create realistic sci-fi art from scratch.

Robert Laszlo Kiss: Tips and Tricks for Perspective in Concept Art

216-minute masterclass (+ 6-hour process time-lapse)


Robert is an industrial designer and our second speaker from the Netherlands. In this episode, he’ll “build” an entire futuristic traveling city and go into detail about all the stages of its creation. He’ll also introduce you to all the intricacies of working with perspective — how to build a one-, two- and three-point perspective, rotate 3D shapes and place objects into an existing perspective.

Erik Staub: Traditional Sculpting Techniques for Concept Artists

200 minutes (+ 6-hour process time-lapse)


This episode’s speaker is a German sculptor, illustrator and animator with over 20 years of experience in the creative industries. For his masterclass, Eric chose a classic material, oil-based clay, and created a monster with it. At the same time, he showed how digital artists can use traditional sculpting techniques in their work and what unique forms can be achieved using this traditional medium.

Even Amundsen: Creating Fantasy Characters — From Ideation to Final Artwork

203 minutes (+ 12-hour process time-lapse)


This Norwegian concept artist is a real star in the CG world, with over 90,000 followers on Artstation and over 200,000 on Instagram. Even has brought to life a whole universe of characters and in his masterclass he will teach you how to create your own characters with their own history. You’ll see how a fierce and ruthless warrior is born, step by step. At the same time, you’ll learn how to look for ideas, select references, build a workflow and add stylizations.


Masterclasses with Leon, Robert, Eric, and Even already await you on the CGCUP platform, so if you want to amp up your skills in a new format, here’s your chance to practice with our speakers. Don’t forget to share your results!

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