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Are you an aspiring concept artist looking to level up your skills and learn the latest and most relevant concept art techniques and pipelines used by artists and illustrators currently working in the industry? Do you dream of becoming a successful concept artist and working on top AAA games and blockbuster movies?

The concept art industry is highly competitive and continuously evolving and there is a constant demand for high caliber industry-ready concept artists. It is highly imperative to possess strong fundamentals and be up to date with the most cutting edge techniques to become successful in this fast-paced and well-paid sector.

Syn Studio, Canada’s top concept art school, is offering an affordable and high-quality opportunity to bridge the learning gap and study with some of the finest concept artists. Strengthen your skills and techniques and build a killer industry-ready portfolio within a short period of 18 months with the Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program. Applications are now open for the 2021 intake of this intensive program and you can start your application process here.

The Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program was launched in 2016 to help aspiring artists from around the world with an affordable option to gain the essential skills required to meet the demands and become successful in the highly competitive concept art industry. The program’s course curriculum was designed after a careful analysis of industry trends and requirements as well as consultation with top educators and notable concept artists such as Scott Robertson, among others. The program’s unique hands-on structure, the small class sizes, and the comprehensive concept art training provided by top industry professionals prepare students to be industry-ready within a short period of 18 months. In addition, the students also get ample opportunities to meet, network with, and get noticed by top companies during supplementary workshops, masterclasses, studio visits, and other industry-related events (all included free of charge for diploma students).


The 18-month program is divided into two halves. During the first 9 months of the program, students undergo rigorous training to strengthen their fundamentals, master essential concept art skills, and develop the high-level design and illustration skills using traditional art tools, Photoshop, and 3D software. In the next 9 months, students apply the skills they’ve learned to concept art assignments while learning advanced digital techniques and current cutting edge pipelines so their deliverables match the exacting standards of the industry. During this phase designed to mimic the exacting industry environment, the students take the role of the junior concept artists and their teachers act as their art directors, providing them with critical on-the-job skills and helping them develop a professional-level concept art portfolio.

The teaching faculty in the program is made up of senior-level concept artists and art directors working on some of the top AAA games and blockbuster movies currently under production. During the course of the 18-month program, these teachers will hold the students by the hand and guide them through the journey of becoming top concept artists.

Some teachers for Fall 2020 include:

Pierre Raveneau (Gods of Rome, Asphalt Xtreme, Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak)

Remko Troost (Far Cry 3, For Honor, Assassin’s Creed Unity)

Christian de Massy (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Snow White, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Sean Bigham (Warframe, Halo 4 Champions DLC bundle, Prototype 2)

Nicolas Vallet (Immortals, Ben-Hur, The Wandering Earth)

Jianli Wu (NBA Elite 11, World Cup 10, FIFA 10 and Gotham Knights)

Sean Vo (Marvel’s Avengers, Gotham Nights, Netflix’s Castlevania)

Chase Toole (War Hammer, Deus Ex, and Halo)


Syn Studio is located in the global entertainment hub of Montreal – a vibrant, affordable, and multicultural city, and home to a host of thriving and well-established gaming companies as well as up and coming indie studios that continually generate new job opportunities. This combined with the high value of training provided in the program consistently attracts a lot of international students, resulting in classrooms being typically 70% international. As a student at Syn Studio, you will be surrounded by 19 other aspiring like-minded artists from different backgrounds who are on the path to success. Being part of this elite group will create an exciting and enriching classroom experience and spawn lifelong friendships as you learn from each other, grow your skills, and build your portfolios together.

Syn Studio’s recent diploma graduates are working as concept artists at top companies such as Warner Brother Games, Ubisoft, Beenox, Volta, Square Enix, Eidos, Ludia, Virtuous, Kabam, and Digital Dimension among others. You can take the first step towards joining these successful graduates and become a part of the ever-growing Syn Studio community by checking out the website here!

Due to the great success of Syn Studio’s alumni as concept artists in the industry, the popularity of this program is increasing and Syn Studio is expecting more applications this year. Please reserve your spot for your portfolio review now before it’s too late!

The Advanced Application Deadline Review date for the 2021 Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program is October 29th, 2020. You can reserve your place for an advanced portfolio review (first come first serve) and apply for the program here.

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