10 Must-Have Character Art Tutorials

Whether it’s for work, your next personal project or a fun concept for your next tabletop RPG character, you’ll find these tutorials will come in handy.

20 Character Art Tutorials

by Mercurial Forge

Ready to whip through a character creation marathon? Then this is the tutorial pack for you, It includes 20 character art tutorials focusing on character creation tips for zbrush artists.

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Portrait : 2D-3D

by Ahmad Beyrouthi

This is a great tutorial for artists that already have a basic knowledge of Blender. The tutorial covers character portrait rendering using 3D Base Mesh + Photoshop paint-over.

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Cyberpunk Sam – From Sketch to Final

by ibrahem swaid

In this tutorial, you’ll get 5.8 Hours narrated video about character design, digital painting, photo textures, photobashing and using 3D renders. This tutorial covers the process of creating a character and rendering it from start to finish. Going over the process and technique using digital painting and photobashing to add details to produce high-quality artwork.

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Stargazer: Character Design Tutorial

by Jonathan Ching

A Sci-Fi Character Design Tutorial for beginners and intermediate artists and concept artists.

This 2+ hour tutorial covers:

  • Character Base Mesh creation in Character Creator
  • An introduction to Clothing Design in Marvelous Designer
  • Hard Surface Sculpting techniques in Zbrush
  • Overview of texturing in Substance Painter
  • Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag

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Character Color/Render for beginners

by Cristina Cid

This tutorial is a great beginner guide on how to color and render characters. Best of all, it’s a great price!

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Easy Character creation Tutorial

by Turtle LAB

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a portfolio piece from scratch. This tutorial focus on the most efficient and fun way to create a character in 2020 for portfolio purpose. Fast concept and modeling in Zbrush, fun texture creation in Painter and easy rendering solution in real-time.

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Painting a Character – Step by Step Process

by Andrew Domachowski

The pdf tutorial includes notes about a typical painting process for character design. The tutorial covers colour, lighting, brushwork, edges, value, and the use of photography.

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Realistic Female Character Sculpting for Artist

by Nexttut Education

At the end of this course, you will be able to sculpt a realistic female body and Face with good anatomy, hard surface weapons such as rifles, guns, pistols, knives all inside Zbrush, and good looking realistic hair using Maya xgen.

Key Topics Covered :

  • Making Female anatomy Easy to Understand
  • How to make Realistic Face and Body
  • Modeling Hard Surface Weapons all inside Zbrush
  • Creating Hair with Maya Xgen ( this is a new workflow I have develop )

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Digital illustration workflow: Sailor Moon redraw / Bored

by Natalie Stan

This pack covers workflow recordings of 2 of Natalie Stan’s illustrations.

Pack includes:

  • Full 2x speed video process for “Sailor Moon redraw”
  • Full 4x speed video process for “Bored”
  • 2 PSD  files
  • My most used brushes

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Creating a Renaissance Juliet Model | Rosa Lee

by Level Up Digital 

Riot’s Senior Character Artist, Rosa Lee is back with another tutorial showcasing her workflow for creating a highly detailed character. Inspired by the 1968 film Romeo & Juliet, Rosa will be taking us through her process of modeling, texturing, and rendering a Renaissance-era Juliet. In this step-by-step tutorial, Rosa breaks down the process how to capture the facial features of a character accurately.

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